Kelly Ripa’s Anti-Aging Secret: Silk Pillowcases On Sale For Prime Day

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Anti-aging products can get tricky. There are many beauty products that claim to reduce wrinkles – confusing, because, well, which one do you choose? Plus, everyone’s skin has different wants and needs, which means a lot of trial and error until you finally find a flagship product that addresses your individual skin tone concerns.

Fortunately Kelly Ripa shared a universal anti-aging tip it won’t require you to sift through hundreds of products or put your skin at risk for irritation from too much testing. Earlier this year, the talk show host took to her Instagram Stories to share some of her most trusted beauty tips, including taking her daily supplements, religiously applying sunscreen and , last but not least, sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

Ripa didn’t mention the exact pillowcase she uses, but the good news is that there are so many options that do the same thing: avoid wrinkles (and pesky pillowcase folds). pillow) and fight frizz – and many of them are on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

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During a 2015 segment of “Living with Kelly and Ryan“, Ripa explained that she had started incorporating silk pillowcases into her routine to combat this hair after sleep.” I sleep on a silk pillowcase because the first time I sleep. cut my hair, I would wake up in the morning with a crazy headboard all over the place, ”she said. “And Diane D’Agostino, my hairdresser, said, you need to get yourself a silk pillowcase because it will keep your hair under control and your face will not wrinkle.

The beauty benefits of silk – both for your skin and your hair – are considerable. Normal cotton pillowcases tend to absorb moisture, which in turn makes your hair look frizzy and brittle and your skin dry and lifeless. Silk pillowcases, on the other hand, are more hydrating (they don’t absorb moisture) and much softer than regular old cotton.

Shop all the best silk pillowcases on sale for First day below. Your skin (and hair) will thank you once you do.

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