Kao’s beauty products selected for the International Space Station mission


The waterless product duo are designed to make life on a cleaner spacecraft

Kao’s products will be used on expedition to the International Space Station

Kao is preparing to send a duo of its products to a very distant galaxy, or more precisely the International Space Station, with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2022.

Among the products selected to make the at least four hour trip to the spaceship is the Japanese conglomerate’s new 3D Space shampoo sheet.

Since water is a precious resource on a spaceship and a weightless environment posing challenges for washing hair, Kao’s new non-woven fabric sheets have been developed with an uneven three-dimensional shape that does not need to be water to wash the hair.

The raised bumps on the sheet contain a cleanser that removes dirt and oil from the scalp and roots, and leaves a refreshing scent.

Kao’s Space Linen Sheet and 3D Space Shampoo Sheet

Meanwhile, Kao’s Space Laundry Sheet will also be deployed in space to help astronauts keep their clothes clean.

The Stain Cleaner is designed to remove dirt and stains, while the anti-microbial and deodorant ingredients in the linens keep clothes fresh.

Kao also hopes that he can use the expertise gained during this research process to develop products, not only for life in space, but for Earth in disaster situations and in countries experiencing water scarcity. .

“Kao will continue to research ways to achieve sustainable washing and cleanliness without using water,” the brand said.


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