Johnson & Johnson rushed to High Court, seeks suspension of cancellation of children’s cosmetics manufacturing license – Punekar News

Mumbai, 28th October 2022: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked the manufacturing license of Johnson’s Baby Talcum Powder, a popular baby cosmetic product, after allegations that it uses a sterilization process to reduce excess bacteria that can cause cancer. Johnson & Johnson Company appealed to the High Court against this decision. He also asked to suspend the decision until the petition is eliminated and to allow the production and sale of baby powder in the Mulund project.

Based on the report from the Central Drug Testing Laboratory in Kolkata, the production of baby cosmetics by the company has been banned. The company demanded that a report be available as well. The High Court holiday bench accepted it and ordered the government to make the report available.

On the other hand, Additional Attorney General Jyoti Chavan requested time to file a response to the company’s motion. The court accepted the government’s request and ordered it to file a response to the motion by November 9.

The appeals authority dismissed the company’s appeal despite submitting the updated talcum powder product test report. The report on the basis of which the cancellation of the license was ordered was not taken into consideration. The company also claimed that in the FDA order, the production certificate for the years 2018 and 2019 was given. Samples of the product have been sent to the FDA office in Pune, Nashik for testing. The samples were then invited to be tested again at the Kolkata testing laboratory. Even after the authorization to carry out this test, the company was not informed. Apart from this, the company also claimed that the FDA failed to mention the Central Drug Testing Laboratory report when issuing show cause notices twice. There is no provision for cancellation or suspension of the manufacturing license.

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