Inside Doris de Pont’s Personal Beauty Collection

Doris de Pont's approach to beauty is as skilfully curated as her fashion exhibitions.


Doris de Pont’s approach to beauty is as skilfully curated as her fashion exhibitions.

Doris de Pont is a legendary figure in New Zealand fashion history, both as a designer and an observer. In 2010, she founded the New Zealand Fashion Museum to record and share the stories of the people, objects and images that have contributed to Aotearoa’s unique fashion identity.

As director of the museum, she co-curated more than 20 exhibits that have been seen by nearly a million people.

With her keen eye for detail, it makes sense that de Pont’s approach to beauty is as smartly curated as her fashion shows.

Here, she tells us about her simplified routine of locally available trusted beauty products.

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Olay Complete Sensitive with SPF15, $15

It is essential in my daily routine. Years ago during a conversation with my dad the subject of face cream came up and he said “you should use Olay – that’s what your mom uses”. He found my mother beautiful. Since then, I’ve tried different moisturizers in all price ranges, but I always come back to Olay.

Ethique Sweet & Spicy Volumizing Solid Shampoo, $22

I’m a big fan of the solid products from Ethics. I love that they are made in New Zealand, they avoid adding plastic to the environment and they really do what it says on the box.

MAC Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath, $42

Chosen for me a few years ago by makeup artist Richard Symons, it leaves all those other lipsticks on my dressing table neglected. This one is so creamy and the color always looks perfect to me.

Lancôme Le Crayon Khol in Black, $58

Along with face masks, the eyes need more attention than ever, so kohl is also part of my daily routine – just a line inside my eyelids.

Lancome Brow Shaping Powder Pencil in Dark Brown, $53

On a similar note the eyebrows. I have found this pencil helps me regain some of their former glory – I don’t leave the house without special attention to the eyebrows.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey EDT, $155

What more can i say? I keep trying to find another scent that sounds like me, but other than a few brief flings, I always come back to that nice balance of freshness and deep wood.

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