How to take care of your baby’s skin the right way

Baby’s skin is softer and thinner than an adult’s skin, and substances can easily pass through their skin (permeable skin), so care should be taken when using steroid creams, parabens or antibiotics. . Although baby’s skin heals faster than adult skin.

The skin barrier of infants does not fully mature for 1 to 2 years, so extra care is needed during the first years.

Baby’s skin cannot regulate temperature well, so make sure you have an ideal room temperature and if baby has a rash, more often than not heat or clothing is responsible.

Babies get sunburned easily, avoid excessive sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and use sunscreen regularly.

Baby’s skin also needs proper hydration because the natural moisturizing concentration is lower in baby’s skin.

Skin pH plays an essential role in babies’ skin, babies have a pH of 7 at birth and it becomes 5 and 5.5, adult skin has an acidic pH, acidic pH protects us from infections and affects our skin flora.

The sebamed baby range acts on the skin pH and works to quickly change the pH to acidic pH to protect the skin and uses products without soap and without irritants contains soothing agents like allantoin and chamomile without paraben, aveeno oatmeal range gently cleanses and moisturizes, alcohol-free, suitable for dry sensitive skin, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and

The hypoallergenic Cetaphil range without paraben without mineral oil cleanses and hydrates gently.

Skin problems, rashes or miliaria look like tiny red bumps because the baby cannot regulate the temperature well, to avoid taking the baby out of the heat and dressing him in light cotton clothes

atopic dermatitis – dry, patchy areas on the skin may ooze or scab and are very itchy, can be bothersome to the baby. the causes may be a genetic or family history, an asthmatic allergy to products, foods, clothes, soaps, perfumes or fabric softeners.

Try to find the cause and eliminate, use hydrate as often as possible can use cold pressed coconut oil and soap-free cleanser, bad case on doctor’s recommendation steroid contact dermatitis – skin reaction if baby has come in contact with a new soap or detergent, usually at the contact site, removing the agent and moisturizer if bad steroid diaper rash – a rash in the fiery red diaper area may have boils due to infrequent diaper change resulting in skin contact with urine and stool, rubbing with the diaper in the area, allergy to the detergent or diaper material or wipes used to clean the diaper zoned. Growth of other infections like candida in the area.

Cradle cap or seborrhea looks like dandruff but can turn yellow and scaly in the hair or around the ears or eyebrows to avoid washing the area well or using an oil and then a good shampoo.

Eczema is common in children, it appears as red, dry, itchy patches in the skin folds, there may be oozing or scabbing if it gets worse. Treatment would consist of identifying the allergen, breastfeeding babies, avoiding hot baths, using an emollient bath like the oilatum range, using a moisturizer regularly, identifying if the child has a food allergy or inhaled allergy or products or certain sports involving exposure to dust.

Good Ingredients Chamomile, Allantoin, Oatmeal, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Calendula, Shea Butter, Unscented Almond Oil, Mineral Oil, and Parabens

If children are exposed to the sun, they should use physical blockers like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the risk of allergy is minimal, avoid direct exposure to the sun or sunbathing as the skin is delicate and they can become dehydrated very quickly. Can use the sebamed range for babies.

Contribution of dermatologist Dr Geeta Mehra Fazalbhoy Managing Director and founding member of Skin and You Clinic, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

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