How to get the best New World cosmetics

Of course, you can explore the New World as is with any drops you’ve acquired, as well as items you’ve crafted. However, you can also go out and adventure in style. Here is our guide to help you with the best cosmetics in the New World.

New World Cosmetics Guide – How To Get Cosmetics And Which Are The Best

Amazon Games has confirmed that New World will have an in-game store that will sell cosmetic items. Depending on the studio, some outfits will visually be on par with endgame gear. This means that you can expect to look stylish and cool as you roam the wilds of Aeternum. These are only for the most part plush and aesthetics, so don’t expect any distinct perks while playing.

Either way, you can expect the following types of cosmetics to be available once New World launches on September 28:

  • Themed Clothing – Applied to your armor pieces.
  • Weapon Skins – Applied to your weapons.
  • Home Decor – Added as any home accessories you purchase.
  • Pets – Small creatures that are in your home. We hope there will be a lot of cats.
  • Dye Packs – Allow you to recolor your gear (i.e. shaders).
  • Emotes – Additional ways to socialize with other players.
  • Corporate Emblems – Customize your guild’s badges.
Image by Amazon Games Studio

Existing New World cosmetics before launch

As for what can be considered the best cosmetics in the New World, well, we can’t judge which ones still need to be added after the game is released. However, there are a few that were already available during the beta stages. Because a few of these cosmetics can no longer be obtained normally, we can consider them to be the rarest in the game.

For the most part, these cosmetics were from Twitch Drops (we’ll explain more to you in a moment). Examples of these include the Golden Rage armor skin, which could only be obtained during Closed Beta. There’s also the Verdant Trapper armor skin (see above), which fans were able to get by watching the New World presentations and streamers at Gamescom 2021. We think the Verdant Trapper skin adds to the game. immersion, especially if you hunt animals or fell trees.

Finally, there’s the Vinespun weapon skin (see below). Streamers who have participated in a closed beta event will have access to the Vinespun weapon skin as a Twitch Drop for the first week after New World launches.

Image by Amazon Games Studio

Get New World cosmetics through Twitch Drops

If you don’t want to spend more money on cosmetics once New World is released, you can try to get lucky through Twitch Drops. Simply go to the New World Twitch Drops page and sign in with your Twitch account. Next, link your Twitch and Steam accounts and make sure Twitch Drops are turned on.

As mentioned, you can get the Vinespun weapon skin as a drop while watching some Twitch streamers. Additionally, considering that New World has hosted several pre-launch events, we can expect there to be more in due course.

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