How NewBeauty Editors Are Changing Their Skin Care Routines For The Summer


Warmer temperatures and more sunshine mean that our skin care needs are different from what our winter lineups can provide. Here, NewBeauty the editors explain how they are changing their skincare regimens for the summer.

Liz Ritter, Editor-in-Chief

“I love this year, but U Beauty Resurfacing Compound ($ 88- $ 228) is a super light first step in your skin care that goes well with sunscreen if you want to keep it simple on a hot day. I like everything EltaMD SPF, but I usually increase the SPF factor during the summer months. I still have a bunch of Colorescience Total Protection Brush-On ($ 69) on site in the summer to reapply during the day, especially if I’m going for a walk or jumping outside. I don’t usually wear foundation, but I like DermaDoctor DD Eye ($ 28) as a bit of extra coverage, color, and SPF protection in the summer. It also works well, even if you reapply during the day. “

Olivia Wohlner, editorial assistant

“In the summer, I change my rich nighttime moisturizer to something a little lighter and, because I am constantly sweating in the New York heat, I need something that will also protect me from the. acne. Jan Marini Bioclear Face Cream ($ 80) Not only repairs and prevents adult acne with glycolic and salicylic acid, but also improves skin texture and tone with the help of Arnica extract. All year round I make sure I use a strong vitamin C – at this time I can’t get enough Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Serum ($ 62) – and a high FPS like Elta MD Clear UV Broad Spectrum SPF 46 ($ 37). I also use an extra creamy eye cream like Epionce Renewal Eye Cream ($ 74), which uses meadow moss and flax seeds to hydrate and brighten the underside of the eyes.

Brittany Burhop Fallon, Beauty Director

“The only change I make in the summer is swapping out my rich moisturizer – loved it StriVectin Wrinkle Recode Moisture Rich Barrier Cream ($ 99) – for something lighter, like Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisturizer ($ 48) because there is more moisture in the air and my skin is not as dry. My morning routine usually consists of vitamin C (at this time, LilyAna Super C Serum ($ 28), which is a steal from Amazon), a light moisturizer, then sunscreen. I am prone to melasma so I generally like a zinc based formula like EltaMD UV Restore SPF 40 ($ 37), even though I can’t get enough Supergoop Glow Screen! (from $ 17) on the days I want to look cooler. I also like to keep a face mist near my desk, and although I exchange them often, La Roche-Posay thermal spring water (from $ 13) is the one I keep coming back to. At night I clean with everything I have lying around – I’m obsessed with Tatcha Rice Washing ($ 35) – then I layer some retinol and hyaluronic acid serums –Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Night Serum ($ 29) and ISDIN’s new hyaluronic concentrate ($ 98) play well together – and top with moisturizer. A few times a week, I resurface with chemical exfoliators: if I have a rash, I love it Dr Zenovia’s exfoliating pads ($ 42), and if I want more general resurfacing, I use an AHA based mask, like Visit of an experienced doctor ($ 18), or a glycolic acid serum like Sunday Riley Good Genes ($ 122) (the glycolic version). “

Tatiana Bido, features editor

“During the day, I usually rely on thick moisturizers during the winter months, but for the summer, it’s all about getting that natural glow. At the moment, I like the calm and the appeasement Sk * p face and body cleanser ($ 15) and Saint Jane the C-Drops ($ 90) for my daily vitamin C which helps lighten my skin without causing irritation. I tend to go for products that contain ingredients of natural origin, like Korres Black Pine 3D Eye Lift Super Eye Serum ($ 59) that works to smooth the crow’s feet around my eyes. For my daily moisturizer, a little Payot Radiance Booster Day Jelly ($ 38), which is cool on the skin and smells like orange marmalade, goes a long way. Daily SPF is a must and Versed Guard Up ($ 22) is my favorite broad spectrum SPF because it absorbs completely without leaving a white cast and gives me a cool, dewy finish. The night, Botanika Life Plant Stem Cell ($ 95) + Marula Face Oil or Prima Night Magic Intensive Face Oil ($ 88) – Sophisticated, ultra-hydrating CBD formulas – help wake me up to face the day with plump, happy skin. For those special moments of self-care, it’s either the 111Skin Brightening Face Mask Rose Gold ($ 135) or ESPA Clean & Green Detox Mask ($ 44).

Danielle Fontana Dooley, Senior Digital Editor

“I’m naturally oily, so my skin doesn’t warrant a rich moisturizer that I should replace right away. All year round my morning routine involves a vitamin C serum –SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF ($ 166) is a must have for smooth complexions like mine – then a peptide-rich formula followed by a hyaluronic acid serum. I currently like Biba Los Angeles Peptide Serum ($ 85), Hailey Bieber’s favorite, casually, so that’s a layer of PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum ($ 117). If my skin feels like it could use an extra dose of hydration, I will apply a moisturizing gel, currently Tatcha water cream ($ 68). The last is always sunscreen. I love Native’s new line of mineral sunscreens – their Coconut and pineapple The facial sunscreen ($ 16) smells like a piña colada – but if I go light on makeup that day, I’ll use HydraTint by Alastin ($ 55), which doubles as an SPF and foundation. At night I will clean first with Tula purifying cleanser and follow with Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser for sparkling cleanliness. Then it is a powerful brightener to try to undo the sins of the sun –Bynacht Reverse Sun Recovery Serum ($ 310) is no joke, so it’s back to peptides and hyaluronic acid before bed.

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