Here’s why Coty is relaunching Kylie Cosmetics

The internet is buzzing about how Kylie Cosmetics’ website is empty, with the message “Something is happening”.

The brand’s Instagram is also empty: All photos have been deleted except one. Kylie Jenner stands alone against a white wall, arms by her side, in a pink satin bra and matching leggings.

Allure written, “The brand’s website is just a landing page, and products are heavily discounted at Ulta Beauty. What’s going on ?!” Agitation said: “What’s going on with Kylie Cosmetics? The brand’s Instagram only has one post.” And, “It left its followers scrambling to figure out what that might mean. Maybe Jenner marks the start of a new era for the brand?”

What’s coming up? We asked Coty

Coty sent Beauty packaging the following statement:

“The launch of the new Kylie Cosmetics line remains on track for this summer, and you may have already started to see Kylie’s posts on the brand’s social media suggesting so.”

“While we can’t reveal many details yet, we’re excited about this new initiative, based on a true collaboration between Kylie and Coty, which will include a renewed cosmetic assortment, an omnichannel approach and a premier DTC website. order. and a platform that will finally allow consumers to seamlessly purchase Kylie’s full assortment of cosmetics and skin care products. ”

Consumers will now have the option to shop directly on Instagram, we suspect. Additionally – Kylie Cosmetics can be combined with Kylie Skin.

We had a hunch that this shift was underway, as number four on Coty’s “strategic priority” list is: “Develop e-commerce and direct-to-consumer commerce expertise and capabilities.” (Revealed in this presentation at a recent investor meeting.)

We recently covered what Coty has already done with CoverGirl, in an effort to meet its number one strategic priority, which is: “Stabilize mainstream beauty makeup brands and mass fragrances.” CoverGirl’s packaging changes and brand repositioning are well underway to achieve this goal.

Coty says its other strategic priorities are: “Accelerate luxury fragrances and become a key player in prestige makeup”, # 2; “Building a Skin Care Portfolio in Both Divisions,” ranked number three; “Expansion in China” is number five; and “Becoming a leader in sustainable development” ranks last, in sixth place.

See more details from Sue Nabi, CEO of Coty, in this recent earnings call transcription —When Coty reported a gradual recovery in the third quarter of 2021.

Will Coty change Kylie’s packaging?

We suspect that the Kylie Cosmetics logo will change, especially since there has been some controversy over Kylie’s “dripping lips” graphic, which is the brand’s logo on social media and a feature of prominent design on some of its packaging.

If we had to guess, we’d say a redesign could include Jenner’s face, as she’s the one who ‘sells’ the brand. Packaging from previous collections featured images of Kylie, as well as other members of the Kardashian “Klan,” including this limited-edition Kendall collection that featured the two sisters.

We also heard that Coty was planning to change Kim Kardashian’s trademark to KKW Beauty.

The initials KKW are for Kim Kardashian West, and Kim recently filed for divorce from Kanye West. Nabi says Bloomberg, “We are not using his current brand for any reason you can imagine.” Coty first announced that it was buying 20% ​​of Kardashian’s business last June and closed the deal earlier this year.

We’ll let you know all the packaging details as soon as we hear more about the Kylie Cosmetics relaunch – stay tuned.

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