Here’s how you can invest in the world’s most ethical beauty brand for just $ 250


If you feel like you’ve missed the boat when it comes to investments (that’s not true) and everyone from your friends to your mom has their own wallet, then listen up. We’ve got the scoop on how you can invest in the world’s most ethically accredited beauty brand for as low as $ 250. Let’s be honest, it’s the equivalent of a new pair of kicks or a long, boozy lunch.

Empire of vegan and cruelty-free beauty, Kester Black offers clients the unique opportunity to purchase shares of the company for the very first time. With crowdfunding managed by Birchal, style-conscious Australians can now co-own the world’s most ethically accredited premium beauty brand.

If you’re not familiar with Kester Black, it was created in 2014 in Melbourne by entrepreneur Anna Ross who only has $ 50 to get it started. Fast forward to 2021 and Ross has made Kester Black one of the most coveted green beauty brands in the world, with its line of colorful nail polish, lipsticks and eye pencils. Her fans include celebrities and beauty editors (including this one) from around the world, and are stocked at high-end retailers like Liberty London in the UK, Dover Street Market in France and Nordiska Kompaniet in Sweden.

Ross even won the Telstra Young Australian Businesswoman of the Year award and made Kester Black the first beauty brand in the world to achieve a B-Corp certification (the highest achievement in performance ethical and environmental).

“I started this business not to make money, but to change the world and Kester Black is doing just that by raising the industry standards for beauty brands,” says Ross. “Brands like Kester Black are setting trends that big brands are following. Consumers want to buy high quality products that cost the world nothing, both financially and environmentally. In doing so, we have created a lasting brand that is also design-driven and leads the way in beauty trends. “

“While we are ethical in every way possible, we have put just as much emphasis on quality. Paris-based nail product maker Kester Black also makes Hermes and Gucci nail polish, and similarly, lipstick maker Kester Black also makes Tom Ford and Burberry lipsticks.

Despite Covid’s economic downturn, consumers treated themselves to low-cost luxury items with Kester Black leading the pack. Ecommerce now accounts for 90% of Kester Black’s sales and over the past 12 months the number of customers has grown from 10,000 to 17,500, while revenue has grown 110% to $ 1.28 million .

There is huge scope for expansion for Kester Black as more and more consumers seek clean and sustainable beauty products. The clean beauty market is expected to reach $ 22 billion by 2024 according to Statistica, up from $ 11 billion in 2016. So NOW is the perfect time to invest in this booming industry.

“We are anticipating a meteoric rise and want our loyal customers to be a part of this journey with us unlike anything previously offered in Australia or New Zealand,” said Ross. “A crowdfunding campaign is an opportunity to showcase the Kester Black brand beyond what it is and welcome a new world of investors into the future of sustainable beauty. “

With a maximum of $ 2.5 million in available actions, the funds will support the development and marketing of actions, infrastructure, products / packaging.

To start your investment journey with Kester Black or to add to your already growing, go here to register your interest.

Image Credit: Kester Black

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