Golden Krust Founders Launch New Black Beauty Skincare Company

Lorna Hawthorne, member of the family who founded Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery, Inc., the revolutionary Jamaican food company in the United States, is ready to launch LLHO® Beauty Care. The new brand of skin and hair care products was developed specifically to meet the needs of black women.

Hawthorne has always made her own beauty products in her home kitchen when she couldn’t find what she needed on store shelves or online outlets. In an interview with, she said her experiences with oils and fragrances inspired her to consider starting a new business to create products that would help people “feel beautiful on the outside.” As a seasoned entrepreneur who helped create the million-dollar Golden Krust food company, but getting into the new field of skincare was a new venture for her, and she brought her sons along with her to start the business.

After being denied a bank loan, Hawthorne’s husband, Lowell, secured funding from his local community in Bronx, New York, to open the first Golden Krust restaurant. Since its inception, the original New York restaurant has grown into a chain of more than 100 restaurants in several states. After Lowell died by suicide in 2017, however, the devastated family walked away from the business for several years to mourn his passing. Now the Hawthornes are ready to launch their new business.

The new company name, LLHO® Beauty Care, includes the first initial of each family member: Lowell, Lorna, Haywood, Omar, Monique and Daren. According to Daren Hawthorne, the new brand is about their immediate family and fills the gaps faced by black women looking for beauty products. Led by the lived experience and business expertise of Lorna Hawthorne, LLHOMD Beauty Care seeks to focus its offerings on Black women, who have traditionally been underserved by the beauty industry. Recently, there has been more inclusion, with companies such as singer Rihanna’s Fenty, but women of color still have a limited selection of beauty products designed specifically for them.

LLHOMD was launched in January 2022 as a primarily skin and hair care brand. Its offerings are described as multicultural, luxury-focused and affordable, with choices of body butters, shampoos and hair oils. Omar Hawthorne noted that the company wants to be a “one stop shop” where black women can get everything they need. Starting the business during the pandemic was difficult in terms of obtaining the necessary ingredients, and there were long waits to obtain the required materials.

Lowell Hawthorne died before LLHOMD was founded, but his entrepreneurial spirit and the power of education are integral to the brand, according to his family. In addition to prioritizing beauty products for black women, the company also wants to encourage other black entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. A portion of LLHOMD sales are donated to the Lowell F. Hawthorne Foundation, which funds high school and college students in the Caribbean and the United States to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

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