Francesco Clark of Clark’s Botanicals has found beauty in adversity … and you can too

Can you share your top 3 summer skin care tips?


2. During the summer months, you may notice that your skin becomes more congested. Use the Smoothing Marine Cream to clean your pores and keep your skin plumped.

3. Exfoliate once or twice a week to brighten your skin.

What does “clean beauty” mean to you, and why is it such an important part of Clark’s Botanical’s skincare philosophy?

Clean beauty is the modern approach to healthy skin. It sits at the intersection of medicine and nature and uses the best of both philosophies. At Clark’s Botanicals, “clean” means getting the best skin care results without using harmful ingredients.

During the pandemic, many people embraced skincare as a way of escape and as a time of self-love and luxury. How important is it to invest in yourself in difficult times?

It is so important to invest in yourself during hard times because you have to act as your own support system. In those times when you are getting ready in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror, you have time to think about yourself as you apply skincare.

During this time, I like to think about everything I’m grateful for, but also what I need to do during the day. These moments of self-love and luxury don’t last more than ten minutes, but they improve my vision for the day, give me strength and make my skin glow.

Following the pandemic, many people are obviously feeling exhausted, uncertain and in some cases a little hopeless about the future. As someone who not only survived, but thrived despite your traumatic accident, what can you share about resilience and how to make the most of a bad situation?

No one’s life is perfect (as much as Instagram might suggest). I have always been a dreamer and my daydreams of the future have always motivated me, even when I was a patient in the hospital.

Gradually, as I thought about my dreams in more detail, I started working on how to make every little part of every dream come true. Today my reality feels like my dreams have come true. But it took a lot of hard work and a lot of support from my family and friends and ultimately I’m so grateful to be around people who are close to my heart and who care about me.

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