For Me Skin Care Helps Hawaii Residents To Shine While On Vacation

Honolulu (KHON2) – Pour Moi Skin Care is bringing beauty products to residents of Hawaii this holiday season with skincare to help fight digital light.

Award-winning skin care brand, Pour Moi Skin Care protects the people of Hawaii from aging too rapidly, due to the lights on everyday devices.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that the digital rays in our phones are aging us prematurely. Whether on our phones or in front of a computer, harmful artificial lights unknowingly cause us more damage every day we use them, ”says Ulli Haslacher, Founder and CEO of Pour Moi Skin Care.

Haslacher says, “The skin care we provide acts as a sort of ‘security guard’ against the blue light emitted by our devices. Especially the products from our Merry Mask Duo Set! What’s even more awesome about these products is that they work in 60 seconds.

The Merry Mask Duo set consists of their brand new hydrating rose mask that protects the skin from pollution and aging.

“These sensory anti-aging beauty treatments from our Merry Mask Duo set are specially formulated to defend your complexion against two major issues of 21st century skin aging, blue light from your electronic devices and air pollution,” explains Haslacher.

Those who wish to purchase both products offered in the Merry Mask Duo set will receive a special holiday price, available until December 31st, courtesy of Haslacher and his team at Pour Moi Skin Care.

“Living808” TV Special Offer: Merry Mask Duo Value Set

Product: Botanical Mask + Rose Mask

Special price: $ 59 + free shipping

Retail Value: $ 84

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