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With FIFA 22, EA is trying a bunch of new things – and in part selling the kind of cosmetic items we’ve never seen in the soccer series before.

FIFA 22 launched yesterday and with this worldwide release the first cosmetic items from the in-game store have arrived.

Surprisingly enough, these are all anime gubbins. These cosmetics revolve around someone named Mirai, a sort of anime character that EA invented to wrap lore around the DLC.

Here is the official blurb:

“Mirai, a rookie pilot engineer, and her old mecha, Kako, faced off against the first level XI Kaiju in history.

“When Mirai bravely challenged the Kaiju, Kako became fueled by the strength of her soul.

“Celebrate the legend of Mirai’s mecha soul with exclusive personalization items in store now for a limited time.”

It should be noted that all of these cosmetics will be taken off sale within a week of launch, so if you are planning to purchase them with FUT Coins, you better get into the grind.

So what can you buy? There are a multitude of stadium-related cosmetic products (tifos, banners, etc.), home and away kits and a team crest.

I would like to highlight two pieces of DLC. The first is this trophy, which you can place near your stadium field. Very realistic!


And the other is the Mecha Core VIP area, also for your stadium (Stamford Bridge has something like that).

This Mecha Core VIP area is dynamic – the circle in the middle spins and the purple bits light up.

The price of this stuff is expensive. The VIP Zone costs 45,000 FUT Coins (the virtual currency you earn as you play) or 500 FIFA Points (£ 3.99) on its own. That’s four pounds for that small part of your stadium that flashes briefly on the screen during a match.

Then there’s the trophy, which costs 36,000 FUT Coins, or 400 FIFA Points (you can’t buy exactly 400 FIFA Points from the in-game store because of course you can’t).

Mirai’s Complete Pack, which includes all associated cosmetics (two-stick banners, base and XL tifos, crest, stadium theme, home and away kits, field trophy and VIP area) costs 135,000 FUT Coins or 1,500 FIFA Points. It’s £ 11.99 to outfit your Ultimate Team stadium in mecha anime style!


FIFA players already have a say in the relevance of these animated cosmetics, and as you might expect, purists aren’t thrilled. It’s an odd choice for FIFA, which sells itself as an authentic simulation of the beautiful game. But it’s the natural next step after EA started selling cosmetics outside of the loot boxes for the first time in FIFA. 21. And in a world where loot boxes are increasingly frowned upon, EA may be looking to diversify its billion dollar cash cow before politicians arrive. call.

Truth be told, I don’t mind these cosmetics, although they should be cheaper. I’m just surprised it took EA this long to add this stuff to FIFA. I’ve long asked EA to ditch the morally bankrupt Ultimate Team loot boxes in favor of a premium battle pass and the sale of cosmetics. Here’s what I wrote in Eurogamer’s FIFA 21 review:

“Didn’t EA get the battle pass memo or something? Did Fortnite walk past the studio? FIFA 21 has progressed through the season, which looks like it’s going to be a battle pass, but looks like EA pulled out of the tackle because he was afraid of getting hurt. Get rid of paid loot boxes and sell premium battle pass. Sell meaningless items. Sell celebrations. Sell celebrations. kits Sell player hairstyles for all I care about EA Sports’ famous slogan is’ it’s in the game ‘. Well, it’s time to withdraw the payout to win – and put on a proper battle pass. “

After that ? The Avengers in FIFA? Everything Fortnite can do …

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