Fall makeup products I can’t wait to use

One of my favorite things about starting a new season is that it’s a great opportunity to change my style. New weather means new outfits, hairstyles and makeup. As we enter fall, it also means we are entering a period of dry weather, lower temperatures and fall colors. As my TikTok feed has been filled with “get ready with me” videos and makeup looks, my enthusiasm for trying new makeup looks has really blossomed. To help those of you in the same boat, The Daily Clog has compiled our favorite products that we’re excited to use this season as a way to spread inspiration!


While fall usually means blustery days and cold nights, sunny Berkeley is sure to stay warm for weeks. While trying out new makeup, it is important to ensure that we keep our skin healthy with a strong sunscreen base. My current favorite is a glossy sunscreen with the slightest tint. Sun Bum’s Original Glow is an option that ticks several boxes. It’s smooth as a primer under your makeup or can leave you looking natural and dewy on its own. With a high SPF and not too shiny finish, it’s a great option for everyday use. Another hit is the Coppertone Glow sunscreen which has a great price and can be worn anywhere. If you’re looking for something that goes perfectly under your makeup, a more expensive but popular choice is the SuperGoop! Bright screen. Find an option that suits you best and keep your skin beautiful and protected this season!


Besides cold days, fall in Berkeley also means incredibly dry heat. The key to keeping our makeup perfectly smooth is to make sure we prep our skin with a solid moisturizer. This helps give the rest of our products a seamless look and allows them to blend into our skin. Each person’s skin is unique and benefits from different types of skin care, so research the best products for your specific skin type. Whichever type you choose, your makeup is sure to be shiny and immaculate all day long.

fall lip colors

This new season is also about exploring new shades. My favorite way to incorporate fall trends into my makeup routine is to use a darker lip color. Deep reds, pinks and purples are always big hits in the fall. I like to go a more natural route by using a purple lip oil or a brown nude lip gloss. Or, for those days when I really want a pop, it’s always fun to try a bold dark red lipstick. Lip products of all colors, styles and prices can be found at any makeup store or drugstore. If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your makeup bag, this is the best way to go. Experiment with all varieties of products and you’re sure to find your new go-to.

Foundation balms

One emerging product that The Daily Clog is looking forward to trying this season is the wide variety of foundation balms! Lighter than foundation with easy application, this revolutionary new product is sure to be a favorite this season. When you constantly go out to class but still want a quick makeup look to even out skin tone, this is the item for you. Many brands, including ColorPop, Danessa Myricks, and Glossier, have released their own versions that vary in price and coverage. These products can be one-step routines when we just want a quick touch-up, or can be included in a complete look. With such versatility and ease, this product is sure to make an appearance this fall.

Whether you consider yourself a makeup guru or lip balm is the only thing on your face, we hope this guide has inspired you for your fall looks. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and have fun this fall!

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