Exfoliating Facial Cleanser Review: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Is Best For My Sensitive Skin

I first realized that I had sensitive skin in high school, when I tried to pluck my dark hair on my upper lip and ended up with red marks of anger. A flare-up of rosacea around my eyes in college forced me to give up most face products that weren’t gentle and ran out of ingredients, and I later found out I’m allergic to it. anything that contains beeswax (read: most makeup). I struggled throughout my teens and twenties to find a skincare routine that wasn’t itchy, experimenting with all kinds of drugstore and luxury products recommended by magazines and dermatologists. One product in particular that I missed was an exfoliating facial cleanser that didn’t leave my wayward, scaly, raw skin.

The exfoliating cleansers I bought at the time consisted of thick creams and gels with microbeads. I hated my hormonal skin with its acne and oil and thought that surely if I attacked it with strong potions and hot water my blemishes would fade like dying grass to reveal perfectly even, glowing skin. and Instagram filter. Surprisingly, this strategy did not work. The large pearls tore my delicate skin and the hot water dried it out, so that my face became even more oily.

It wasn’t until years later, around the age of 26, that I finally I found my holy grail exfoliating cleanser that did what good exfoliators are supposed to do, which is to return dead skin cells and dirt, leaving fresh, smooth skin and unclogged pores (without annoying my face. ). Credit goes to the facialist (long forgotten name) who scribbled on my sensitive skin and scribbled a post-date recommendation on an envelope: Dermalogica Microfoliant Daily.

I had never heard of Dermalogica and was unaware of the cult status of this exfoliating face wash. Its price freaked me out at first – $ 59 for one big bottle, and $ 15 for one a travel format-but what did I have to lose (other than money)? I started with the smaller bottle, using it two to three times a week, as experts recommend anyone with sensitive skin to switch to more regular exfoliating use. The cleanser is distributed in a powder of tiny grains made from rice which, mixed with a little water, foam into a light and fresh paste. I rub the paste in small circles on my cheeks, forehead and chin for at least 30 seconds until the grains dissolve, then I rinse.

Unlike other big bead exfoliators, this one is so gentle. The key word is microphone; its exfoliating microparticles are ultra-fine, managing to smooth my skin without leaving it all cut. A mixture of colloidal oatmeal and green tea soothes inflamed skin, and salicylic acid breaks down dead skin and cleanses pores. In other words, it’s the perfect combination of both a chemical exfoliant (thanks to salicylic acid) and a physical exfoliant (thanks to the microparticles). It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth and looking at clean, smooth and noticeably shinier too, with less fine lines.

A little goes a long way. Since I first bought it, I have continued to buy the small size of Dermalogica’s exfoliating face wash every season or so and find that using it a few times a week (offset by a simpler cleanser). , like Cetaphil) is enough to keep my sensitive skin happy. I even turned on my mom, that’s how I know it is really a good buy. Hope this helps you too.

Dermalogica Microfoliant Daily

This rice-based exfoliating enzyme powder activates with water and gently dissolves dead skin cells.


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