Elf Cosmetics slammed for disastrous Twitch stream that lacked diversity


ELFYOU feed. (Tic)

Beauty brand Elf Cosmetics came under fire for a Twitch stream that lacked diversity.

ELFYOU claims to be the premier gaming beauty brand, “empowering gamers and content creators”.

the flux, on May 9, featured Twitch streamers Loserfruit and Autumn to promote the brand and offer promo codes.

The brand is “committed to inclusiveness and diversity” in order to fight against male domination in the world of streaming.

However, the stream has been heavily criticized for not representing the richness of diversity on Twitch.

Throughout the stream, speakers referred only to “women” who play, rather than the more inclusive term “women,” and ignored trans people, non-binary people, drag queens or men who play. might like to wear makeup.

Non-binary people were finally mentioned, but only in passing.

There were also comments in the chat calling for the brand to include more women of color in its campaign, as they only focused on the white banners.

However, these comments were completely ignored. Plus, a lack of moderation in the chat meant there was a lot of racism and misogyny.

The clips from the event include the two white streamers discussing the difficulty of finding the right shades of makeup, without reference to a diversity of skin tones.

In addition, brands such as Gamer Glam Cosmetics have already worked in the field of play and makeup – Elf is not the first.

The focus on gaming also ignores the wealth of other streamers on Twitch who stream different types of content.

Since the stream, many streamers have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment.

In a long thread, drag queen Lucille’s streamer summed up many of the flow’s issues.

“Honestly, @elfcosmetics, that Twitch stream was incredibly offensive. Joking aside, the fact that you can’t find a single black woman focused only on WOMEN (despite more than just ‘women’ using makeup) and you haven’t prepared anything is embarrassing, ”reads -on first. tweet.

“You are literally ignoring the black streamers in the chat who have asked for more diversity. You didn’t have a mod to protect the cat. “

After the stream, streamer Fassfy (who partnered with Elf) was criticized for posting the Twitter accounts of those who spoke out against the brand.

Many other streamers have since spoken out against Elf, creating more of a discussion than the event itself.

Elf Cosmetics did not respond to a request for comment.

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