EBay’s tech issue with open returns confuses sellers because it can’t get its communications properly

eBay admitted on Friday that sellers were seeing an incorrect and extended shipping date for buyer returns, suggesting the marketplace may have changed its returns policy without sellers’ knowledge.

In a community announcement, eBay clarified that this only affected the seller and that “buyers don’t see the incorrect dates and they won’t have more time to ship their returns.”

But didn’t that stop sellers from commenting on the issue on the company’s eBay for Business Facebook page. Here are some comments from sellers:

“So after reading the article I think this has been a problem for over a year. There is a return date stated, but the case does not close for a while after that date, beyond a month in some cases, hope this is the problem that will be resolved.

“Thank you for recognizing that this is a problem. Said another salesperson. “Yesterday EBay for Business told me that this is not a new policy and has been in effect since Covid started and eBay has never returned to normal return timelines. “

But another seller suggested that eBay’s customer service team didn’t understand the problem and offered different answers when asked about it.

“Meanwhile, when you contact customer service through eBay for Business through Facebook Messenger, they tell you it’s normal and it’s because of COVID-19. Then another rep through eBay for Business through Facebook Messenger tells you it depends on the reason for the return. Three different answers to the same problem. It would be helpful if you chose one so that we know how to handle the process.

Technical problems foster mistrust

Unfortunately, one of the issues with how eBay sometimes fixes technical glitches or bugs is causing great mistrust among sellers, especially those who have been on the platform for a long time.

eBay rarely anticipates issues by ensuring that its customer service teams are aware of issues as they arise.

Sellers have repeatedly complained about inconsistent responses, and eBay seemed to hide the problem by slowly acknowledging technical issues in a community area that few people know about.

A system status page is offered by eBay, but often this doesn’t include more minor issues like return issues, only serious system-wide issues.

Earlier this year, eBay used a banner to alert sellers of an issue with eBay Managed Payments. This was an unusually straightforward move on eBay’s part and one that the company should continue to use.

Communication is crucial for businesses! eBay, for some reason, struggles to get it right. There is no reason for poor or delayed communication as it only encourages distrust in its market.

Iannone has made several changes in the market since taking office as CEO, including focusing on second-hand or one-off products and updating existing technologies. All of these changes were desperately needed.

But when it comes to the communication process between buyers and sellers of eBay, especially when it comes to technical issues, it seems to be stuck in the past.

Is the problem resolved?

In the community announcement advising sellers of incorrect extended shipping dates for buyer returns, eBay said the issue is expected to be resolved within the “next few hours” and eBay will update the post if there is any. further delay.

Since eBay did not update its post on Saturday morning, this issue should be resolved as the “coming hours” shouldn’t mean nearly a full day, but we can’t be sure.

It just highlights eBay’s problem with good communication practices..

Wouldn’t it make sense for the company to say the tech issue is resolved or provide another status update if it’s not?

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