DMD Skin Sciences makes skincare more accessible with LOCAD

The rise of e-commerce has led to the boom in the domestic beauty and cosmetics market, creating demand for products that specifically meet the needs of Filipino skin.

Aiming to help Filipinos achieve their goal of healthy, glowing skin, DMD Skin Sciences is paving the way for more accessible dermatology services and products in the country.

Its digital strategy also comes at an opportune time, as beauty products have become the second most purchased item online, according to the Digital Consumer Report 2021 conducted by Facebook and Bain & Company.

As someone who has experienced the grueling pains of self-isolation due to acne, clinic founder Dr. Mike Dellariarte pledged to “create a community and support system that will accompany each patient on their journey to strong skin”.

The cloud logistics network, LOCAD, which partners with this quest, provides on-demand warehousing and multi-channel fulfillment to DMD Skin Sciences.

“We so value taking care of our patients because we are a high-impact brand,” said Dr. Dellariarte.

“Here in the Philippines, getting dermatological treatment is sometimes linked to vanity. I think this is the reason why some patients choose to give up their dermatological consultation.

Understanding customer concerns, DMD Skin Sciences guides Filipinos on their journey to strong skin.

The clinic distributes products to patients and non-patients who have a prescription from a dermatologist.

In addition to treating their patients in the clinic, DMD Skin Sciences reaches out to potential customers by making their products more accessible to the public through delivery and fulfillment through the cloud logistics platform, LOCAD.

Distinct features of LOCAD ensure that products arrive at specific destinations in good condition and quality is maintained: climate-controlled storage facility for skin products, business expiration management via monthly reports and cameras extra security in cages that protect small items.

“We are at peace knowing full well that someone as reliable as LOCAD is doing it for us,” said Dr. Dellariarte.

“We don’t want to lose our patients’ trust because of a bad order fulfillment experience,” he added.

LOCAD’s organized and efficient management of clinic products resulted in a 200% increase in sales, while its end-to-end fast turnaround services and immediate dashboard enabled DMD Skin Sciences to meet demands. growing.

The clinic’s e-commerce site also achieved higher than expected sales in December 2021.

“We are grateful to LOCAD for ensuring that our patients are satisfied with the experience,” said Dr. Dellariarte.

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