Deleting Pay-To-Win items was the right choice

Marvel’s Avengers made the right choice by choosing to remove paid XP boosters that broke their promise to only charge for cosmetic items.

When Marvel’s Avengers first added its paid consumables, players were understandably frustrated, and ultimately it was the right choice to remove them from the game. When developer Crystal Dynamics made his first press rounds for Marvel’s Avengers, one of the biggest promises they made to the player base was that all microtransactions in the game would be cosmetic, and that Marvel’s Avengers Would not include paid items (including characters, missions, or items). Instead, the game would use several forms of cosmetic items, including character skins, emotes, nameplates, and indents that players could purchase to help personalize their favorite Avengers and express their unique identity in the game. .


Crystal Dynamics has kept its promise not to introduce paid items in Marvel’s Avengers for almost a year. They have continued to release a wide range of cosmetic items to the in-game market, regularly releasing new skins, emotes, nameplates and more. While many fans have complained that the game is removing ways to earn in-game cosmetics to force players to enter the market and that Marvel’s Avengers Overpaying for skins (some skins, like the MCU-inspired ones, costing over $ 14 per skin), Crystal Dynamics never actually broke its promise. Having an environment where all players had to put in the same amount of work to improve their characters helped alleviate the frustration of cosmetics.

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Everything changed with the introduction of paid XP and Fragment boosters in Marvel’s Avengers Marlet. Despite Crystal Dynamics’ promise not to introduce any items that would allow players to spend money to make gambling easier, the market was now offering just that. Players could purchase as many XP boosters as they wanted, as long as they were willing to spend the money, which makes leveling much faster. The problem was also exacerbated by the recent change which required a lot more XP to take a character in. Marvel’s Avengers at max level, as well as the frustrating Champion point system.

Marvel Avengers XP boosters had to be retired

game pass for the Marvel's avengers aerospace game

While a large part of Marvel’s Avengers The player base expressed frustration with the addition of paid consumables, with some players supporting their support. They reasoned that Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t a competitive game and didn’t have player-versus-player modes or rankings, so XP boosters didn’t necessarily hurt players who didn’t buy them. However, the dissatisfaction of the player base on Marvel’s Avengers paid items go beyond the competitive atmosphere. Because the developer made a promise long before Marvel’s Avengers released to never introduce paid items or charge players anything other than cosmetics, many fans felt that Crystal Dynamics had betrayed them. Additionally, for several weeks after the outcry started, Crystal Dynamics made no response regarding paid consumables and stopped responding to fans on social media, leading many Marvel’s Avengers players feel ignored.

After weeks of gamer uproar, Crystal Dynamics made the decision to remove paid consumables. Although some players protested, it ultimately turned out to be the right move for Marvel’s Avengers. While he didn’t completely restore the player confidence he had lost by adding the paid consumables in the first place, many Marvel’s Avengers fans at least felt that the developer was listening to their feedback and working hard to deliver on the promises they made for the game before launch. Prior to the removal of paid consumables, fans were ignoring developer teases for the upcoming Klaw raid, but after the removal, players were able to focus on the new content again. The situation also indirectly led to the introduction of Marvel’s Avengers Shipping system, where players can acquire XP and Fragment boosters (as well as new cosmetic items) using in-game credits that cannot be purchased.

In a live service game like Marvel’s Avengers, communicating with players and maintaining their confidence in the future of the game can be just as important as keeping promises made during development. By eliminating chargeable consumables, Crystal Dynamics has helped ensure that Marvel’s Avengers fans focused on upcoming content (and the inevitable 2022 roadmap) rather than controversies over broken promises and paid articles.

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