Cosmogen wants to improve the application experience of solid cosmetics

Considering that a packaging solution is missing to meet the specificities of solid cosmetics, Cosmogen is continuing to develop its patented mono-material stick technology presented in September 2021 at the Luxe Pack Monaco show.

The reuse stick is refillable (56% plastic saved with each refill), mono-material (PP) and waterproof to facilitate the preservation of products containing water or solvents. To protect the image of the brand, the refill cannot be used without being housed in the outer envelope. In addition, the ReUse stick is fully customizable.

Tested formulas and built-in applicators

In partnership with Anjac Health & Beauty, Cosmogen validated the compatibility of the stick with different formulas (foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer). Full service solutions (pack + formulas) are therefore available.

Additionally, Cosmogen has developed removable and washable applicators that can be placed on top of the ReUse stick.

Two types of applicators have been developed for different types of products: a brush for skincare and make-up products, a cold-effect metallic tip for massage-type application.

Today, says Cosmogen, “the ReUse stick is much more than a prototype, production molds have been made and industrialization is imminent.

Kabuki brushes for strong skin care

Always with the aim of improving the experience of applying solid cosmetics, Cosmogen has developed a range of small brushes with wide handles. These new kabuki brushes allow a simple, hygienic and sensory application of solid cosmetics: just wet the tuft and rub it on the product before application.

The way many solid products available on the market are applied to the skin raises questions of hygiene or generates a poor sensory experience“, explains Maud Lelièvre, Marketing & Communication Director at Cosmogen.

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