Cosmetics mogul Vida goes shopping at Hari Raya bazaar to help small traders during MCO 3.0 (VIDEO) | Life


The flamboyant entrepreneur bought traditional cookies, rugs and several other items from the Ipoh Bazaar. – Screenshot via Instagram / datoserivida

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PETALING JAYA, May 12 – With the Third Order of Movement Control (MCO 3.0) forcing the country’s bazaar vendors to go out of business, cosmetics mogul Datuk Seri Vida is helping small traders stay afloat amid the disruption economic.

Malaysian multimillionaire real name Hasmiza Othman took a shopping spree at a Hari Raya bazaar in Ipoh, Perak ahead of the Muslim festival to lend her support.

“Today I would like to browse Aidilfitri bazaar before MCO starts, I’m here to support bazaar vendors who have to close their businesses due to MCO 3.0, bad things.

“I will be buying items for a simple celebration of Raya, a lot of things haven’t been sold here, so I will help you – they are always full of energy, their stalls are still open despite the last minute,” he said. writes Vida on Monday.

She added that she felt bad for the small traders whose livelihoods are affected especially during the Hari Raya season they rely on to earn more profits.

“What can they do, we have to follow orders,” Vida said.

The animated entrepreneur also shared a five-minute video of her selecting various items at the bazaar to complete her Hari Raya checklist.

Vida was seen buying jars of cookies from a saleswoman, Hari Raya outfits and rugs.

When negotiating with the carpet seller, the founder of the beauty empire hilariously asked if the carpets were from Nilai, apparently deducing Neelofa’s recent shopping trip that allegedly violated the travel ban between the states.

“From Nilai, you can get them here,” Vida said jokingly.

The flamboyant personality then moved on to a traditional snack vendor where she picked up jars of kuih ros, love letters and bags of banana chips.

Vida’s kind gesture in supporting small traders has been praised by fans and followers for her generosity in difficult economic circumstances.

She told business owners to be strong and patient, saying everything happens for a reason.

“No matter how many AGCs there will be something good out of it.

“We will be celebrating in a few days, keep your spirits at the end of Ramadan, may we be happy despite the AGC,” Vida said.

She also reminded Malaysians to be generous during tough times.

“Giving doesn’t make us rich and doesn’t make us poor, giving blessings to our providence,” Vida said.

Vida’s Instagram clip has been viewed over 200,000 times.


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