Cosmetic products based on DNA repairing substance

Above, cosmetics made from a natural microbial substance called ES1. HAEL launched the products in South Korea. Photo courtesy of HAEL

Korean start-up targets beauty and biomarker markets

Sthe Korean biopharmaceutical start-up HAEL announced on May 20 that it had launched cosmetics containing a natural microbial substance called SS1 in the countryside.

The Seoul-based group, led by Prof. Kim Joon of the University of Korea, noted that the new substance is free of side effects.

“ES1 has an exceptional anti-wrinkle effect by speeding up collagen synthesis,” said an official at HAEL. “ES1 was recently registered in the International Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients (ICID) after undergoing clinical testing.”

HAEL’s development on ES1 is based on studies from decades of the startup, which have been shared in reputable peer-reviewed journals in recent years.

HEAL scientists worked on the mechanism by which cellular responses to stress lead to cell senescence and cancer through induced changes in proteins.

They also found that the ribosomal protein called S3 (rpS3) has endonuclease activity for DNA repair by cutting the bonds of damaged DNA. HAEL said this research helped the company manufacture ES1.

Promising biomarker market

Using its expertise on rpS3, HAEL is also trying to help people tackle nature’s most feared killer – cancer – by providing an advanced biomarker.

Compared to previous ones, HAEL said that the quality of its rpS3-enhanced cancer biomarker is much better, with a sensitivity of 64.6% and specificity of 93%.

This means that the biomarker will find cancer patients with 64.6% accuracy while returning a negative result for 93% of healthy people.

“The accuracy of our cancer biomarker is greater than 60%. We will improve the purity of the rpS3 antibodies to raise the sensitivity up to 80%, ”said Professor Kim.

The global cancer biomarker market is expected to exceed $ 220 billion by 2027, up from $ 106 billion last year.

To secure enough funds and talent, HAEL plans to go public in the not-so-distant future.


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