COSMAX set to release ‘wearable cosmetics’ with anti-aging ingredient

The South Korean cosmetics company has partnered with Korea Institute of Dyeing and Finishing Technology (DYETEC) to develop this cosmetic textile.

According to the European Cosmetic Directive, cosmetotextiles are “any textile product containing a substance or a preparation which is released over time on different superficial parts of the human body, in particular on human skin, and containing specific functionalities such as cleaning, perfuming, changing appearance, protection, maintenance in good condition or correction of body odours”.

Talk to CosmeticDesign-Asia​, lead researcher Lee Juhyun explained that it has capsulated active ingredients that are “deliberately mixed”​ with the fibers before the manufacturing process.

This would allow users to “gand the desirable benefits of the skin not by applying the cosmetics… but by wearing the active ingredients [to let] the effective components to cross the skin – all day and all night.

Lead researcher Paik Chaeyoon pointed out that this technology has been around since the 2000s and has been explored mostly in Europe.

In the beginning, the capsule technology applied in the cosmetic textile product fell weakly and disappeared whenever the external force occurred. This is because the capsule was so fragile that most of the important components disappeared with just a little rubbing, like doing laundry.

However, recent technological developments have made the capsules more robust, and the capsules can now withstand even high temperatures between 250 and 270 degrees Celsius.

Fashion that respects the microbiome?

Lee told us that he successfully combined the cosmetic textile with Strain CX, his patented anti-aging microbiome ingredient.

This microbiome ingredient plays such an important role in anti-aging that we plan to develop products such as leggings that reach and cover a larger area of ​​the body.

In the future, Paik said he plans to further develop this technology with its “thousands of effective ingredients” and explore various areas including hydration, wrinkle care and hair loss prevention. .

“We will make full use of the technology and resources available to us and continue to study their application to cosmetic textiles.”

In addition, the company will explore how to improve the ecological awareness of the product, for example by making it biodegradable.

Potential for cosmetic fabrics

While many beauty consumers are diligent about facial care, COSMAX said there’s been a lack of attention to body care among consumers.

“It’s so complicated to take care of the whole body and traditional cosmetics leave sticky feelings all over the body. That’s when we see the potential for cosmetic fabrics, because then people won’t have to waste time,” Lee said.

“They can just put it on and go about their daily lives and still have this skincare feature that meets the growing demand for highly functional and sensitive skin products. It is a chance to draw consumers’ attention to fabric products with beauty and skincare performance,” Paik said.

Additionally, she added that with “the voices rise so badly”For new skin care concepts as well as textile and fashion products, COSMAX believes that cosmetic textile has a bright future ahead.

However, Lee also noted that the price could potentially be an issue. To compensate for this weak point, we will strategically use a relatively inexpensive post-processing manufacturing method and are about to apply them to products such as leggings and sportswear that are accessible to customers.

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