Collagen Queen Sally Olivia Kim Partners With Geltor On New Vegan Brand


The partnership is the duo’s first joint venture since Kim joined the company as an Entrepreneur in Residence in October.

Kim’s Ingestible Skin Care Brand Available From Sephora and Anthropologie

Geltor, a maker of specialty protein ingredients, has teamed up with Crushed Tonic founder Sally Olivia Kim on a new brand of collagen.

Kim, who joined Geltor as an Entrepreneur in Residence in October, created her unmanageable skincare brand after learning more about the benefits of consuming collagen.

Since starting her brand, which is now sold through Sephora and via Anthropologie, she has continued to write books about collagen and its benefits in The glow of collagen.

Full details of the new bio-designed CPG products, developed by Geltor, have not yet been released.

“There is no one better than Sally, who is well aware of the value that proteins like collagen already bring to industries like beauty and personal care and food and nutrition, to help tell the story of Geltor on how biodesign is changing the game, ”said CEO and co-founder of the company, Alex Lorestani.

“The collaboration is a natural fit and we can’t wait to unveil this first product that we are launching together. “

Meanwhile, Kim said she is looking to include a vegan alternative in her product repertoire.

“I had searched high and low for a truly vegan collagen option – there are so many products that claim to be vegan, but animal protein can’t be vegan, of course,” she said.

“So when I discovered Geltor’s technology in fermenting proteins to create this beautifully potent and long-lasting real animal-free collagen, I knew there was something incredibly special here. “


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