Chlöe and Halle on Skin Care, Personal Care and the “Have Mercy” Video

Chlöe and Halle Bailey are on a roll. They just made appearances at the Met Gala and the MTV Video Music Awards; Chlöe ignited Twitter with her solo debut, “Have Mercy”; and Halle stars in a little movie remake called The little Mermaid. Oh, and it all adds up to their joint musical careers (they were nominated for four Grammy Awards as Chlöe x Halle) and roles in Cultivated-ish, which is currently in its fourth season.

Despite everything, Chlöe, 23, and Halle, 21, remain as tight as possible and earlier this year, they were named the first Neutrogena sister brand ambassadors, adding to their already extensive resume. As we chat with the couple, we dive into their beauty routines, grooming and, of course, Chlöe’s next-level ‘Have Mercy’ glamor.

Chlöe and Halle have been in the spotlight since they were young teens, but now that they’re in their 20s, the duo say they’ve taken a more minimalist approach to taking care of their skin. “I’m learning to cut down on the products a bit,” says Chlöe. “With the stress and the many trips, the more product I put on my face, the more I tend to crack,” she says. “I’m learning less is more, and as long as I stay consistent and do it daily, then my skin is pretty cooperative.”

Halle agrees, remembering when she was trying to overcorrect with products. “When I was younger and we were on tour, I was doing way too much on my skin, especially when I had rashes,” she says. “I was getting anxious thinking, ‘I have to get this off my face now! “Let me do a mask here, let me do a scrub here.” Now she says, “My skin feels nicer on me, and I’m keeping it simple and I’m fine.”

Still, there are a few products that help celebs maintain that glowing skin. They’re fans of Neutrogena’s new line of Daily Skin Perfecting Liquid Exfoliators, which includes three custom acid-based formulas for oily, dry and combination skin, all designed to be gentle enough for everyday use. Halle uses the oily skin formula, which is a 7 percent blend of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to unclog pores. “What I really like is that even though it’s an exfoliant and has acid in it, I still feel like I’m using the freshest, most natural thing. It doesn’t irritate me in any way, ”says Halle.

Chlöe opts for the normal and combination skin formula, a 9% blend of AHA and polyhydroxy acids (PHA). “My skin is pretty normal and consistent, but I have these days when it wants to go a little bit crazy,” says Chlöe. “I am happy that its use gives me the freedom to control all forms of my skin. “

Self-proclaimed “sun bunny” Halle is a fan of Invisible Daily Defense sunscreen. “I learned that we need to protect ourselves from the sun. For years, I denied that, ”she says. “What I love about this one is that it just disappears right into my skin, I don’t have to worry about a white cast and I can put makeup on it.” And for occasional breakouts, Halle opts for localized AM and PM treatments. “Especially for the random buttons. I’m going zap-zip-zoop-zoop-zoopShe said, animatedly scattering her face.

Meanwhile, Chlöe is focusing on the Hydro Boost serum. “I use it in the morning after cleansing my skin,” she says. “I absolutely loved my facial roller, and I’m going to put the serum on with that.” And she swears by a Neutrogena classic. “I still love wipes,” says Chlöe. “I think it’s my favorite product. Especially with the micellar water in it, if I have a stubborn eyeliner or mascara, it’ll make this baby peel off.

Speaking of makeup: Both sisters have had their fair share of amazing glam lately. Between VMAs, Met Gala and Chlöe’s “Have Mercy” music video, they turned out look after look. The video alone showcases nearly a dozen looks, but one stands out. “I think one of my favorite beauty looks should be when I had that golden jacket on, and my skin was really clean and I just had that silver, sparkly eye,” Chlöe says. “I generally like a huge strip of lashes and I didn’t have that with this look; it was really simple, fun and light. She says the secret behind the looks is to keep everything balanced. “If the outfit is crazy, I’ll keep the makeup simple. Or if the outfit is simple, I like to go crazy with the makeup.

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This word-balance– is something Chlöe and Halle are both working on. With such grueling schedules, one thing that goes wrong is taking time for yourself. “If I want to be completely transparent, I’m still learning to take time for myself and take care of myself,” says Chlöe. But they always find peace in the little moments. “Right now, I use my morning routines as my time. I will say my little prayer, and I will do my skin care routine. Even when I do single-sided rollerblading, I feel like I’m taking care of myself. Beyond her routine, she says she’s still finding out. “I think we both are, to find the balance between working hard and taking care of our sanity.”

Halle agrees, adding that personal care is “a journey”. But she looks for moments of calm in chaos. “Being outside, being in the sun, these are always my safe places and when I feel most grounded.”

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