Cellular Goods to Launch Skin Care Formulated with Willow CBG This Fall


Last month, Willow Biosciences presented data on the skin care benefits of its biotech CBG at the Society for Investigative Dermatology annual meeting. Company data shows that CBG inhibits UV light and cytokine release triggered by C. acnes, as well as the ingredient acts as an antimicrobial and has antioxidant properties, as reported by Cosmetics Design.

Willow Biosciences has now taken a new step in the commercialization of its biotech beauty ingredient: “We are very pleased to announce our first commercial supply agreement for CBG”,Trevor Peters, CEO and President of Willow Biosciences, said in today’s press release about the deal.

“In a little over two years”,Peters notes, “We have moved from laboratory proof of concept to commercial scale-up and sale of our first cannabinoid to be used in a consumer product.In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

An international supply chain for cannabinoid beauty products

Regional and global regulation of cannabinoids for use in cosmetics, personal care and other consumer goods is a moving target. And in the United States and Canada still a deterrent effect for some companies. In Europe, however, things seem to be moving forward. As Cosmetics Design – Europe reports, the European Commission added CBD to the CosIng databasein February. And since then, other cannabinoid ingredients have also been added.

This is probably the reason why Willow Biosciences chose to partner with a consumer goods company in this region. What Peters is telling the press is that, “Cellular Goods is at the forefront of developing premium consumer cannabinoid products in the UK and we are delighted to provide them with our ultra-pure, biosynthetic CBG. “In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Cellular Goods’ Biotech CBG skin care to launch in UK soon

Cellular Goods is a growing consumer products company. Founded in 2018, Cellular Goods develops cannabinoid products. The first to be launched will be a collection of premium skin care products. This fall, Cellular Goods plans to start selling a line of daily skin care products as well as restorative treatment products and spot treatments. The company has partnerships that extend beyond cellulargoods.co e-commerce site And make the skin care line available in the omnichannel world of beauty retailing. (Cellular Goods is also working to develop a line of sports recovery or muscle care products.)

The soon to be launched skincare line will be formulated with Willow CBG. “Successful products start with the best ingredients and it is essential for our business to be able to source consistent, high purity cannabinoids through cell farming from a trusted supplier like Willow,” acknowledges Alexis Abraham, CEO of Cellular Goods, in today’s press release.

“CBG is the most promising cannabinoid for skin care applications and we believe it will become a must-have upgrade in people’s daily routines.”Abraham continues, adding that the Cellular Goods skin care line will leverage research into the effectiveness of ingredients to bring new cannabinoid skin care to the UK consumer market.


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