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Ludhiana: Due to the difficult times that manufacturers are facing following frequent lockdowns in states that are heavy consumers of their products, they have started looking for other solutions. Online sales and e-commerce platforms, which have become the most sought-after modes of sale in the country, have unfortunately not been chosen by many Ludhiana factories until now. Those who have adopted this model believe that while selling online is a challenge, they will have to adapt to it. Industry associations in the city are also taking initiatives to help local units sell their products online.
According to Komal Kumar Jain, President of Duke Fashions Limited, “We have been using online platforms to sell our range of clothing and footwear for quite some time now, and around 10-15% of our total sales come from this fashion. Selling online is very difficult, especially for manufacturers, as there is a need for huge stock and variety. Besides the circle of placing orders and paying, the achievement is very large and the rate of return and exchange is high. Regardless of all of these factors, business strategy must change over time and those who are able to adapt to this change must do so for their own good. “


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Some trade associations use social media to connect buyers and sellers. Upkar Singh Ahuja, President of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises (CICU), said, “With the changing times when lockdowns have become common, people are turning more to the online mode of shopping. So we launched a Facebook group called ‘Make In Ludhiana’ in August of last year during the first wave of coronavirus. This group now has 30,000 members from all over India and even other countries. Products produced by Ludhiana factories and services offered by local businesses are advertised free of charge in this group. Purchase requests are posted by customers from all over India and overseas. A large number of business inquiries have matured in the group as people can access multiple vendors and enjoy competitive rates without spending any fees or commission. “

Ahuja adds, “To educate local business people about selling online, we organized interactions with experts. Selling online is not easy, but sooner or later businesses will have to adapt to this medium in order to survive. “

Narinder Bhamra, President of the Indian Fastener Manufacturers Association, says: “In the current situation where people are afraid to go out shopping, online shopping has caught up. Manufacturers must also adapt to this mode. Running a website with a payment gateway and other features is expensive these days and the other option of selling products through e-commerce platforms attracts huge commissions. But it is an effective sales tool, so the factories in Ludhiana must adapt to it. But when it comes to manufacturers who supply their products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), selling online or e-commerce is of no use. ”

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Norwich Business Store Local Appeal For Summer In The City Mon, 17 May 2021 05:30:00 +0000

Independent businesses are urging people to shop locally and keep their money in Norwich before what they hope will be a great summer.

The rallying call has been launched as the Norwich Evening News launches its Summer in the City campaign as coronavirus restrictions ease and businesses are welcoming customers again.

Paul Mills, owner of Soundclash Records on St Benedicts Street, said the business has been extremely busy since it reopened on April 12.

Paul Mills, owner of Soundclash Records on St Benedicts Street, Norwich.
– Credit: Sophie Wyllie

He said: “People want to support local businesses and want local businesses to survive. My message is to maintain the Norwich pound. This is the only way to go. When you shop online, you crave the goodness of the city center.

The record store owner has said he will keep the screens until Christmas regardless of what happens with social distancing rules.

Another St Benedicts Street trader who has said he will keep Covid-19 security measures in place for a while is Mark Hedge, who manages Cookes Band Instruments.

Mark Hedge, Cookes Band Instruments Store Manager on St Benedicts Street, Norwich.

Mark Hedge, Cookes Band Instruments Store Manager on St Benedicts Street, Norwich.
– Credit: Sophie Wyllie

He said that while the trade is a challenge, the business will continue to “dig and buy sensibly”, and said he hopes they will see a boost in the summer.

Mr Hedge added: “We need people to support us. Once we have people, we are good at selling.”

Daniel Goldsworthy, a partner at Norwich Art Supplies, moved the business to a larger store on St Benedicts Street in December of last year, giving it three times the space of its previous residence and has attracted more trade.

Daniel Goldsworthy, partner of Norwich Art Supplies on St Benedicts Street in Norwich.

Daniel Goldsworthy, partner of Norwich Art Supplies on St Benedicts Street in Norwich.
– Credit: Sophie Wyllie

He said: “I hope people come back to the stores to help keep the money in the local economy rather than draining it online. We are positive for commerce. Having been doing this for over 25 years , you learn to take a longer view. “

Susie Pritchard, assistant at the Mod One fashion and accessories store on Pottergate, said: “People are happy to spend the money after the lockdown. There is a change in the fact that people are optimistic about the ability to get out People feel safe walking into independent stores They feel in control Everyone is adjusting to the new version of normal.

Susie Pritchard, sales assistant at the Mod One fashion store on Pottergare in Norwich.

Susie Pritchard, sales assistant at the Mod One fashion store on Pottergare in Norwich.
– Credit: Sophie Wyllie

She added that the store attracts people with new summer inventory, more women’s clothing and sells items online as well as social media advertising products.

Rely on the tourist trap

A textile store owner is hoping to attract customers with the expected increase in holidaymakers from across the UK this summer.

Rebecca Bone, who has run the Norfolk Yarn wool store since 2005, said summer was generally a quieter commercial time, but that she usually made up for that by selling to tourists from overseas.

Rebecca Bone, owner of Norfolk Yarn on Pottergate, Norwich.

Rebecca Bone, owner of Norfolk Yarn on Pottergate, Norwich.
– Credit: Sophie Wyllie

And despite an expected reduction in those visitors, she was hopeful that Norwich would attract more people from across the country, as the travel situation remains uncertain.

Ms Bone said she moved from Aylsham Road to Pottergate seven years ago to attract tourists and said: “Norwich is a very good destination normally. I hope there will be more tourists this summer . “

She added: “Since April 12, business has been going pretty well. There has been pent-up demand. People are happy to leave their homes. People are quite relaxed about entering.”

Our Summer in the City campaign inspires people to make the most of what Norwich has to offer this summer.

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Customs and Border Protection warns of counterfeit products and services | Call 4 Action Fri, 14 May 2021 00:06:17 +0000

NASHVILLE, TN.- The business of selling counterfeit products has not slowed down during the pandemic as people depend on online shopping more than ever. US Customs and Border Protection wants to educate consumers that they should be aware of counterfeit goods and services.

“Just since the start of the pandemic. CBP has seized over 20 million counterfeit masks, ”said Brandon Lord, acting executive director of trade policy with US Customs and Border Protection.

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are also a major concern for them.

“It is difficult for the American consumer to look at a pill or other pharmaceutical product and quickly identify that it is counterfeit,” Lord said.

From October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020, the 5 main categories of goods seized by CBP according to the total number of shipments were:

1. Handbags and wallets (17% of total shipments seized)

2. Wear clothes and accessories (14%)

3. Shoes (13%)

4. Watches and jewelry (13%)

5. Consumer electronics (11%)

Counterfeit products not only harm legitimate businesses, but also pose serious threats to the health and safety of American consumers. Counterfeit N95s and fake versions of other face masks may not be effective in filtering out airborne particles or preventing liquid from contaminating the user’s face.

Data on seizures of counterfeit products for previous years are available at

At the onset of the pandemic, U.S. Customs and Border Protection looked at existing trade data and supply networks and began looking for new importers, new import locations, and new manufactured products.

The ministry says it has worked closely with the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and other government agencies to better understand the federal standards relating to products needed to respond to COVID-19.

CBP has also worked with pharmaceutical and PPE manufacturers to better understand their product standards. From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to February 2021, CBP seized:

Officials say if you want to make sure you get the real deal, remember the three Ps:

Price: Prices that sound too good to be true are usually associated with counterfeit products. When shopping, check that the price and quality of the product is typical of genuine products. Note, however, that counterfeiters may drop the price slightly to appear legitimate.

Packaging: Check the certification marks and trademarks. Compare markings and packaging illustrations to known genuine products. Genuine packaging is generally of high quality and the products are well packaged. Look for labels that come off, poor quality ink or printing errors, and loose products

inside the box.

In law: When shopping in a store or online, buy directly from brand owners or authorized resellers. Unknown third-party sellers may be counterfeiters. A 2018 report from the US Government Accountability Office found that almost half of products purchased online from third-party sellers on popular websites were fake.

The biggest clue of counterfeit products is almost always the artificially low price of the item. Buying the item directly from the legitimate trademark holder is the best way to ensure that you are not purchasing a counterfeit product. In addition to poor quality packaging, handbag / clothing consumers should be on the lookout for things such as poor or uneven stitching, incorrectly sized or discolored logos, and the use of synthetic materials in place of natural materials.

For consumer electronics, the telltale signs are things like poor battery life, regular overheating, and poor performance.

If you think it’s okay to buy a fake handbag, think about where your money is going. Counterfeit products not only harm legitimate businesses, but the U.S. economy as well.

“These profits, by the way, fuel all kinds of criminal enterprises around the world,” Lord said. is now with you on the go! Get the latest news and videos, 4WARN weather forecasts, weather radar, special investigation reports, sports headlines and more from News4 Nashville.

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Great Singapore Sale teams up with Lazada; says move ‘timely’ amid return to Phase 2 restrictions Wed, 12 May 2021 05:32:15 +0000

SINGAPORE: The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) to team up with online shopping platform Lazada this year – a move its organizers have called “timely” amid the country’s return to stricter COVID-19 measures and a transformed retail scene.

The annual shopping affair, which began 27 years ago, will run from June 6 to July 7, the Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) said on Wednesday (May 12).

The campaign first went live last year amid the pandemic, with live streaming activities and virtual workshops held for four weeks on SRA’s online platform.

With the pandemic far from over and the recent increase in community infections in Singapore leading to a return to Phase 2 restrictions, the SRA said it could leverage the expertise of the online platform to help retailers to go online.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on consumer buying habits and has accelerated the urgency of retailers to rapidly expand their digital presence in order to stay engaged with their consumers and develop alternative sales channels” SRA Chairman R Dhinakaran said in a press release. .

“Our partnership with Lazada this GSS is timely, in light of the more stringent SMM (Safe Management Measures) guidelines limiting buyer traffic to stores and malls, and a changed sales landscape,” he added.

READ: Singapore will need to tighten COVID-19 measures ‘quickly’ if needed to curb spread, avoid second breaker: PM Lee

This year’s ESG will be a four-week affair with weekly thematic sales across different product categories, such as tech, groceries, home, baby, fashion, and health and beauty. It will kick off with Lazada’s monthly sales campaign on June 6 before ending with the platform’s other sales event on July 7.

Besides the promotions, there will be livestreams and shoppertainment games, said James Chang, Managing Director of Lazada Singapore.

A key feature of GSS this year will allow shoppers to make purchases from a retail brand’s online store on Lazada and collect them at the brand’s physical point of sale.

The feature gives customers an additional delivery option and offers retailers a “hybrid operating model” while helping them strengthen their online presence, organizers said.

Retailers can benefit from Lazada’s technology infrastructure, payment gateway and delivery solutions with third-party logistics partners. This removes many costly hurdles retailers face when selling online, organizers added.

FOCUS: After COVID-19, where does Singapore’s economy go, the workforce?

Comment: A return to phase 2 could be a momentary setback to Singapore’s economic recovery

Each retailer will have a dedicated account manager to navigate features like flash sales and Lazada’s live streaming service, LazLive.

To “entice” retailers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, new entrants to its LazMall marketplace for brands and authorized distributors will not have to pay commission for the first three months.

“We strongly believe that online retail is here to stay and while it will never overtake offline retail, it is an imperative sales channel,” SRA’s Mr. Dhinakaran said.

Mr. Chang, of Lazada, said the platform hopes to do its part to rally the retail industry during a difficult time and equip the industry with the necessary tools.

“By helping sellers with the tools they need to scale their online business, we are helping them prepare for the future – both during the pandemic and beyond,” he said.

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nft: EBay operates the NFT frenzy, enables platform selling Wed, 12 May 2021 04:52:00 +0000

Ebay on Tuesday cleared the sale of non-fungible tokens for digital collectibles such as trading cards, pictures or video clips on its platform, the first e-commerce company to exploit the recent frenzy around NFTs.

NFTs, virtual assets that exist on a blockchain ledger, have exploded in popularity this year, as enthusiasts spend huge sums of money on works of art and other items that only exist online, some recently selling for tens of millions of dollars at Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses.

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As multi-million dollar deals, including the $ 69 million sale of a digital artwork by Beeple in March, have created ripples in the art world, a market for objects from Digital collection such as NFT collectible cards, pictures or video clips has also flourished.

Lily: NFTs are all the rage. here’s why

These could range from something like Kurt Cobain’s last photoshoot to historic moments in NBA games. While anyone can view the NFTs for free, the buyer has the status of the official owner – a sort of digital bragging rights.

In the near term, an NFT inventory will be provided to sellers who meet eBay’s standards, the company told Reuters, adding that users can expect to see programs, policies and tools that are available to them in the future. will allow buying and selling of NFTs in a wider range of categories.

“In the coming months, eBay will be adding new features that will bring blockchain-based collectibles to our platform,” said Jordan Sweetnam, senior vice president and general manager of eBay’s North American market.

The announcement comes after eBay said last week that it was open to the possibility of accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method in the future and was looking for ways to get NFTs on its platform. .

NFTs are usually bought with cryptocurrency ether or dollars and the blockchain keeps a record of the transactions.

Lily: As interest in NFT art grows, a look at what to come next on Metakovan’s list

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Apple and Google Privacy Shift Help Advertising Companies Recover From Pandemic Wed, 12 May 2021 04:17:03 +0000

(Bloomberg) – Apple Inc. and Google’s initiatives that prevent brands from following billions of consumers are creating a money-making opportunity for advertising companies that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Google is phasing out third-party online tracking cookies, and Apple is asking app owners to request explicit permission to track users in other company’s apps. The changes are making it harder for businesses to keep up with their every move online, so marketers are designing new ways for brands to find out what consumers are doing and deliver products to them.

This will not threaten the status of tech giants as stewards of billions of consumers, a role that only grows as economic activity moves online. However, this is an opportunity for groups of advertising agencies such as WPP Plc, Omnicom Group Inc. and Publicis Groupe SA to reaffirm their relevance.

Caraway Home Inc., an online kitchenware seller, expects privacy changes to increase the cost of finding new customers on Facebook and reduce the effectiveness of its targeting.

A month ago, Caraway signed an agreement with marketing technology company Impact Tech Inc. to connect with Instagram bloggers and influencers. Impact’s platform will show Caraway how many sales it makes when its products are mentioned, and what type of content is most effective – for example, if an interior design blog generates more revenue than a blog. motherhood focused.

“As customer acquisition on Facebook becomes more and more expensive as these changes unfold, this is one of the most powerful channels going forward,” said Josh Knopman, Director of Growth for Caraway.

Apple and Google kill the (advertising) cookie. Here’s why: QuickTake

WPP is creating a new unit to help customers make better use of first party data. One of the first customers is Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., WPP taking data from the retailer’s customer loyalty platforms to develop its media strategy.

Publicis is also taking advantage of Google’s cookie announcement by partnering with advertising technology company The Trade Desk Inc. to offer digital identifiers that give consumers anonymity and the ability to manage privacy preferences, while allowing advertisers to see part of their activity online.

“Already in beta, adoption is really strong,” said Dave Pickles, CTO and co-founder of The Trade Desk. “This Google press release is the best thing that has ever happened to us.”

Ad technology companies that are developing alternative tools to target consumers have seen an increase in demand, especially contextual advertising companies that target ads based on the content of web pages, not who is viewing them.

One such company, GumGum Inc., has just raised $ 75 million from Goldman Sachs Group Inc., with a valuation of $ 700 million, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Companies like BMW AG and Vodafone Group Plc have turned to GumGum for help with recent campaigns. Headphone maker Bose Corp. worked with GumGum to market their sleep headphones on tech websites and target keywords like ‘night’.

“The industry has obviously overused the cookie,” said Phil Schraeder, CEO of GumGum. “Contextual is a good alternative to cookies because it will be there until the end of time.”

Some industry players say the changes will force companies to change the way they engage with customers. Cory Munchbach, chief operating officer of leading data company BlueConic Inc., is going to need a “fundamental overhaul” on the part of brands and publishers.

“This should be good for advertising companies,” said Matthew Bloxham, analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. “The increased complexity of the business means their services are more in demand by clients, and I think most agencies see that.”

© 2021 Bloomberg LP

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Changes to eBay payment and listing rules will take effect this month Wed, 12 May 2021 04:00:00 +0000

The eBay online marketplace is set to update their payment and listing policies at the end of the month.

New rules as of May 31 mean that fees and expenses will be deducted at the point of sale, rather than through a monthly billing statement, reports the Mirror.

The remaining balance will then be transferred directly to the sellers’ bank accounts instead of via PayPal.

The move will give buyers a wider variety of payment options in addition to Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal, eBay said, although sellers can only claim their income through wire transfers.

These withdrawals will be less the registration fee and final value.

The sellers’ final value charge will remain at 12.8% of the total sale amount plus 30 pence per order, which drops to 3% for the portion of any one-time sale over £ 2,500.

The website also gives more powers to regulators starting this month, which will be able to unilaterally remove dangerous listings.

Officials will be able to remove items “when there is evidence of a risk to consumer safety,” eBay said.

In the UK, this will include the Office for Product Safety and Standards and the Internet regulator Ofcom.

Over the years, investigators have found dangerous electrical devices, toys and batteries for sale in a wide variety of online marketplaces, including Amazon and the Chinese site Wish.

The latter initiative, eBay said, is designed to speed up the removal of “illegal or dangerous items.”

Murray Lambell, UK director of eBay, said the coronavirus pandemic had led online shopping to become “an even bigger part of everyone’s life.”

“Markets should take their responsibility for consumer safety seriously, but working with authorities is vital,” he said.

“We hope other industry players will follow suit.”

Electrical Safety First Managing Director Lesley Rudd said: “Our investigations have continuously found unsafe and unbranded electrical products with obvious visual defects for sale to UK consumers. These products often lack some of the most important safety features. elementary. “

“Online marketplaces need to be legally recognized as retailers in order to sufficiently address the problem of dangerous goods sold through their sites and we urge the government to include these sites in their next online safety bill.”

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Making and selling chocolate bombs in Malaysia online Wed, 12 May 2021 03:17:59 +0000

“Sad is an understatement,” described Sofia, who was fired from her job at an international oil and gas company last year. Global lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19 had caused demand for oil to drop, which led to Sofia’s fate as a former field engineer.

“I was engaged in my job and spent longer days working (even on weekends) rather than spending time at home. For someone who was career-oriented, it was not easy to face the reality of unemployment, ”she added.

Deep in her mind though, the 27-year-old always knew that fieldwork wasn’t for her. Despite a STEM graduate’s dream job, the scorching heat of the sun and the laborious chores of handling 60-inch masses became too much for her.

Now jobless with some downtime to reflect, she concluded that losing her job was probably a blessing, as it was the only way she saw fieldwork. At the same time, Sofia was born into a family of entrepreneurs, so she believed that starting a business was a possibility for her.

With a new perspective on life, Sofia realized that she could turn one of her old hobbies into a confectionery business. By pooling the savings of 3000 RM between her and her husband, Cocoa bells was launched in February 2021.

From scorching heat to frozen hands

The name was taken from cocoa beans and her favorite place on earth, Maroon Bells in Aspen, USA, where she studied, while Sofia often made chocolate bombs to enjoy during cold winters. The idea of ​​marketing her hobby made sense, as she wanted to bring the excitement of hot chocolate to Malaysians.

Before starting the business, Sofia wanted to make them more presentable, with a surprise inside when melted in hot milk, like a bath bomb. Along with her sister, whom Sofia considered her biggest supporter, they spent over 2 months in R&D to determine the best possible ingredients and ratios to create the products.

Shiny and decorative choco bombs / Image credit: Cocoa Bells

Tempered chocolate is also difficult to make in Malaysia’s hot and humid climate. To achieve its crisp, smooth and shiny finish, chocolate molding is highly dependent on its ambient temperature and must be shaped quickly before it hardens.

Sofia told Vulcan Post that before installing an air conditioner in her kitchen, she would dip her hands in an ice bath before assembling the chocolate bombs. This was to avoid any fingerprints or glove prints that would be marked on the chocolate shell.

A party drink

All of Sofia’s hard work has probably paid off, as the bombs made for a simple and enjoyable hot chocolate-making experience for consumers. Before the recent AGC, my colleagues tried Sofia’s sweets and shared that their unanimous favorite was So Mocha Love.

As for the taste, the team found some of the flavors a little too sweet for their liking, as they made each cup with less milk for better Instagram photos. Doing this with a fuller glass of hot milk gives more balance to the flavor and sweetness, we found after a second purchase that it doesn’t require a photo for the ‘gram’. When submerged in hot milk, it was a lovely sight to see marshmallows popping out of their chocolate shells.

Some limited edition Valentine’s Day bombs / Image credit: Cocoa Bells

These would do well with the kids or as a fun addition to surprise friends and at parties. And the celebration market also caters to the clientele of Sofia.

Since Cocoa Bells launched near Valentine’s Day, its founder has said the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “People were buying chocolate bombs for wives, partners, friends and family. We were lucky to find our regular customers who have continued to support us until now, ”she recalls.

It should also be noted that Cocoa Bells is not the only producer of chocolate bombs in Malaysia as brands like Choco bomb and Raw coconut offer their own versions of it. Where Sofia’s business stands out is in its lower prices. The Cocoa Bells 4-box is RM32 (no promotions), while its competitors sell theirs above RM50.

So far, Cocoa Bells has sold over 2,000 of its chocolate bombs to customers in the Klang Valley. Sofia hopes to someday automate her chocolate bomb production to meet larger volume orders, as she finds making them by hand limits the company’s potential.

Don’t look back

Sofia is now content to run her small business / Image credit: Cocoa Bells

There is no doubt that being an entrepreneur and an employee are very different. Being the latter, you can rest assured knowing that your salary will be deposited into your bank account by the end of the month. “As an entrepreneur some days can be a bit dark and that’s the risk we need to be prepared for. Nothing is easy and you just need to have faith, ”said Sofia, who said she was much happier running Cocoa Bells now.

And she also has no plans to return to the oil and gas industry.

After the crisis, I was called back to join my business and decided to continue with Cocoa Bells. I love the challenges and the excitement of the field, but nothing beats the feeling of seeing my own parents and family every day and growing old with them.

Sofia, founder of Cocoa Bells.

  • You can read more about Cocoa Bells here.
  • You can read more of the Malaysian startups we’ve covered here.

Featured Image Credit: Sofia, Founder of Cocoa Bells

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EPS warns of fraudsters selling fake iPhones, looking for three suspects Wed, 12 May 2021 02:52:00 +0000

EDMONTON – Edmonton Police are looking for three people after several reports of fake iPhone scams.

On March 24, police responded to a disruption at a business in the Currents Drive and Windermere Boulevard area at approximately 5:50 p.m.

Police said a man arranged to meet someone who was selling an iPhone on a buy and sell website.

The man had previously bought an iPhone from a similar seller and had since discovered it to be fake, according to EPS.

After the salesperson arrived, EPS said the man confronted her about the previous fake iPhone when two other men entered the store.

The woman and two men fled the scene in a black Acura sedan from the early to mid-2000s, police said. One of them added would have a gun.

EPS said it has received at least two other reports of similar false phone announcements.

“In each case, the buyer purchased what appears to be a new iPhone 12 pro max in an unopened plastic sealed box,” EPS said in a press release. “The seller (s) also allegedly produced a receipt with the Apple logo and a serial number.”

EPS said some of the sealed boxes were said to have been weighed and did not contain a phone at all. The boxes containing a phone contained fake ones without Apple software.

The woman is described by police as Caucasian, 20 to 25 years old with black hair. She was seen wearing a light gray sweater, black sweatpants with a Nike logo, black shoes, a baseball cap and a black mask.

Fake iPhone suspicious woman

One of the men is described as being from the Middle East, 20 to 25 years old with short, dark hair. He was seen wearing a black coat, dark gray sweatpants and black shoes.

Suspicious fake iPhone 1

The other man is described as black, aged 20 to 30 and wearing a red hoodie with a Nike symbol, gray sweatpants, a black winter coat with a hood, black shoes and a mask. surgical blue.

Fake iPhone suspect man 2

EPS asks anyone with information about them to contact them at 780-423-4567 or Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 or online.

“As consumers continue to search online shopping and selling websites for deals, investigators are reminding buyers to follow their gut: If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” said EPS. “If a fake product is sold to you, report it to the police and do not try to confront the seller on your own.”

EPS also offers a list of tips for anyone buying items from online shopping and selling websites:

  • Go to a well-lit public space to complete the transaction

  • Bring a friend! If possible, try not to meet the seller alone. If you can’t, tell others where you will be and when you are supposed to return

  • Don’t tell a seller how you plan to pay and only exchange funds at the time of the transaction. Do not prepay until you have received the product and verified its authenticity

  • Obtain a bill of sale and verify the identity of the seller with photo identification. Let the seller know you want to before you meet, as this will deter those who sell illegitimate goods from meeting with you. When you meet the seller, take a photo of their ID for your reference

  • Take screenshots of advertisements, advertisement ID number, seller contact details and all communications

  • Check your product before paying

  • Ask to open the box to determine that the product is inside

  • Turn on the device to verify that it works as expected

  • Check the device’s IMEI number on Device verification Canada to determine if it was reported lost or stolen in Canada

  • Check your serial number with the retailer to determine that it is a legitimate product. Apple will verify a serial number for you. Ask to meet the seller in store to verify the number

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Carsales Raises $ 600 Million For US Online Ads Wed, 12 May 2021 01:16:00 +0000

“In Australia, these markets are relatively small when compared to the United States. The US markets in these particular markets are approximately 16 times the size of the Australian market, which excludes cars. “

The purchase price is based on an enterprise value of US $ 1.625 billion for Trader Interactive and represents a multiple of 26.5 times adjusted earnings before interest and taxes.

Trader Interactive is a leading online trading platform in the United States, providing access to niche customers in the RV, commercial truck, powersports and equipment industries.

It operates the leading market for the purchase, sale and rental of motor homes, caravans and motor homes; the primary market for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles and aircraft; the second largest market for buying and selling trucks and trailers; and the second market for the purchase and sale of commercial and agricultural equipment.

Its consumer brands include RV Trader, Snowmobile Trader, Cycle Trader, NextTruck, Equipment Trader and Rock. & Dirt.

Trader Interactive generated adjusted income of US $ 123 million and adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of US $ 61 million in calendar year 2020.

Carsales expects earnings per share to increase on a 59.5-cent basis and to be “positive on a pro-forma basis, with single-digit EPS increase from year one expected to increase. thereafter ”.

Macquarie described the acquisition as “rightly”, noting that the transaction is in line with previous Carsales acquisitions.

“The acquisition makes strategic sense although it appears reasonably priced on initial inspection,” Macquarie said in a note Wednesday morning.

Mr. McIntyre said the business and how Carsales acquires it is “very familiar” territory for the company. It followed a similar path when it acquired 49.9% of South Korean company in April 2014 and its 30% acquisition of Brazilian company Web Motors in the same year.

“We have a pedigree and an ability to build partnerships in high growth international markets. We see this as a very familiar opportunity, like what we have seen and experienced with Encar and Web Motors, ”he said.

Mr McIntyre said Carsales is keen to leverage its intellectual property and technology to help propel Trader Interactive in its growth strategy.

“The management team is great, we speak a common business language, similar corporate cultures which is great. Love that the company is run by a female CEO [Lori Stacey] and she’s a great operator, ”he said.

“Other than that, the business is a good growth business. If you look at the compound annual growth rate, revenue and profit, EBITDA [it’s] double digit over the past two years. “

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have been appointed as underwriters. A fund managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management Division was also an investor in Trader Interactive and one of the sellers.

Carsales has a call option to acquire the remaining stake in Trader Interactive.

In February, Carsales reported an EBITDA increase of 9 percent to $ 113.8 million in the six months ended Dec. 31, despite falling sales 6.8 percent to $ 199 million.

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