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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India:
L Factor Cosmetics was born amid pandemic chaos when the world was gripped by the deadly and contagious Covid 19 and people were locked inside their homes, losing their jobs. Sharda Yadav, CEO of a private company Ltd, used this time to reflect on the products she has used for her makeup over time and she realized that the products had harmed her skin. She took a step forward and researched the formulation and ingredients of the products. To her surprise, she discovered that almost all products from good brands do not contain any skin nourishing ingredients and that was it. She decided to venture into the field of Vegan cosmetics where “Skincare meets makeup“.

Her mission was to create an uncompromising, cutting-edge formula for makeup products infused with all the goodness of natural herbs and organic botanicals from the bosom of Mother Earth with the latest scientific technologies. As is well known, the absolute best job takes a lot of hard work, time and investment. It took 18 long months of hard work with almost over 75 prototypes to finally get a patented formula from scratch where the best ingredients were sourced from around the world and bottled for consumers wanting to use skincare-infused makeup. the skin. At L Factor, formulas undergo extensive R&D at the most advanced research facility, then go through a rigorous approval process by the FDA and the Ministry of AYUSH, where approval involves multiple rounds of testing and testing. approval before being put into production for the consumer. . This confirms the safety and quality of the formulas developed.

Sharda had a vision to create makeup products for women, today’s millennial girls or elsewhere, regardless of gender, who are unafraid to try new products, product conscious they use, aware of global warming, aware of the planet and the future generation. L factor cosmetics represent lovers of everything and everyone. As makeup is not limited to women, L Factor products are designed for all men and women of all ages as the ingredients infused into the products are beneficial for all skin types.

At L Factor Cosmetics, they believe in supporting community causes from the very day of incorporation. To embed this belief into the brand’s DNA, they decided to donate 1% of their annual profit to causes close to Ms. Sharda’s heart, namely children’s education, the environment and animal support. wanderers.

Brand philosophy

When I decided to create L factor Cosmetics, I knew it was important to have a brand philosophy, principle and guidelines. The philosophy is to use clean ingredients responsibly with safety and efficiency. Producing formulas with more skin-restrictive ingredients and delivering the best of the best for everyone.

Vegan and clean formulas

As a lover of everything and everyone, L Factor cosmetics strongly believes in being vegan, meaning that their formulations are made without materials of animal origin or their traces. Conventional materials of animal origin, such as beeswax, lanolin, collagen, honey, etc. are replaced by materials derived from plants and minerals.

They have set their ingredient standard beyond the leading cosmetic market so that their consumer gets the best of the best.

High performance quality

At L Factor Cosmetics, before any launch, the R&D team works very hard day and night to study the benefits of ingredients that can be infused into makeup products, which will contribute to intense color payoff, hydration of skin and long-lasting. In this process, they collaborate with cosmetologists, dermatologists, chemists and volunteers. Many prototypes are made and tested before the final products are released to the market for use by consumers because they believe not in the best but in the best of the best.

Cruelty-free and non-toxic

As lovers of everything and everyone, they don’t believe in testing their products on animals from the formulation process to market launch, instead they use computer technologies or cell culture. At the same time, they do not use any harmful toxic chemicals in any of their formulations; This leads to L factor cosmetics, a 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand. This makes their products completely safe to use for all skin types and ages.

Skin-loving ingredients

To support the healthy appearance of skin while wearing makeup, they use the finest skin-loving ingredients that hydrate, firm, replicate cells, hydrate and condition the skin. To name a few, vegetable squalene, vitamin E, vegetable butters, oils, berry extracts, fruit seeds and many other herbs and botanicals.

Vegan products

They launched L Factor Cosmetics with 6 shades of Vitamin E Liquid Matte Lipstick where the formula is very creamy, hydrating, highly pigmented, long-wearing and smudge-free. In keeping with the brand’s ethos, the skin-nourishing ingredients in their very first formula are Vitamin E, Tucuma Butter, Argan Oil and Mint Extracts.

The future products to add to their store list are for face makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup, a whole range of products that are sure to highlight the beautiful features of makeup lovers. They take the utmost care to offer makeup lovers clean, conscious and high-performance makeup products, developed with responsibility.

So #wearyourconfidence with L Factor cosmetics and rule the world.

Is the MSI 2022 High Noon Pass worth buying? Sat, 14 May 2022 17:49:17 +0000

League of Legends’ The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational is in full swing. Along with the first international tournament of the year, Riot Games is also bringing an in-game High Noon Event, which features cosmetics for champions Tahm Kench, Sion, Samira, Viktor, and Twitch, each of which costs 1350 RP.

Players will have active High Noon challenges in-game until the event ends in June. Completing each one grants them 20 MSI 2022 High Noon Tokens, which can be used to redeem rewards such as Chromas, Orbs, Emotes, and a Summoner Icon from the Shop. After completing 10 of these challenges, players will also receive an Eternals capsule.

Screenshot via Riot Games

Besides the free side of the event, players might be tempted to purchase the standard High Noon Pass for 1650 RP or the MSI High Noon 2022 Bundle for 2650 RP. While challenges are offered to all players, the regular pass awards 25 Mythic Essence, MSI Orbs, event-themed emotes, 3000 Blue Essence, 1250 Orange Essence, Master Chests, and more thanks to additional challenges.

Along with the usual High Noon Pass, the bundle offers additional perks, like a permanent Talon champion, High Noon Talon, and a High Noon Talon Border icon. Players who have additional High Noon quests can earn weekly rewards for playing League and earn more tokens that can be used to get skin chromas, emotes, and more in the store.

If you like the cowboy theme of High Noon cosmetics, investing in the High Noon Pass wouldn’t be a bad deal since it allows you to get additional chromas and rewards, with additional cosmetics for Talon on the High Noon Pass Bundle .

If you’re not a fan of the theme (or a Talon one-trick), however, the offering isn’t quite as great. Rewards such as blue and orange essence are permanent, so players can use them to get whatever champions or skins they want through shards or the in-game store. That said, players can spend the RP by purchasing cosmetics for the champions they play rather than leaving it to luck (RNG) through orbs and chests.

If players decide to purchase the event pass during the event, the developers will directly add tokens from the token bank to their account, giving you tokens to play the game for the duration of the event. Players can purchase the MSI 2022 High Noon Pass until June 13, 2022, when the event ends. After the event ends, players can redeem the rewards until June 20, 2022.

‘Shark Tank’ features the Long Island founder of men’s cosmetics company Stryx Thu, 12 May 2022 15:54:07 +0000

A Lawrence entrepreneur and his Connecticut-based business partner will swim with the sharks Friday at 8 p.m. on “Shark Tank,” ABC’s Let’s-make-a-deal venture capital competition.

Long Islander Devir Kahan is CEO of Stryx, a men’s cosmetics company, with Jon Shanahan serving as chief marketing officer. Their oft-told story of founding the company begins with Kahan finding photo-ruining pimples on his face on his wedding day in 2017, and thinking there must be a way to save other men from it. .

“It’s one hundred percent true,” Kahan, 26, said in a joint phone interview with Shanahan, 30. “It really happened like that. It wasn’t like ‘I’m going to start a business’ – much longer than that. But it really happened,” says the New Jersey native, who moved to Lawrence with his wife raised in Woodmere to be close to her family. “I have the pictures to prove it!” adds the parent of a toddler. “The photographer assured me: ‘Don’t worry, we’ll take him out of the album with Photoshop.’ Months later we received the album and they didn’t edit it. In each photo I had two buttons — I remember where they were! We had to fight with them to reprint the whole thing. album.

Shanahan, he says, coincidentally “had the same experience on his wedding day, unrelated. We didn’t even know each other then.”

Stryx, founded in 2019, sells cosmetics with a clean, dark and decidedly masculine design. It includes both traditional male grooming products such as tanning gel, but also tinted moisturizers; concealer to hide imperfections; and its trademark Pimple Patches. The company motto is “Nothing Wrong with Handsome”.

Fueled by Manhattan venture capital firm and business accelerator XRC Labs and founded with $1.7 million in seed capital, Stryx operates remotely from the founders’ homes. Sold directly to consumers online and through CVS pharmacies nationwide, it earned more than $1.5 million in 2021, according to Kahan’s “30 Under 30: Art & Style” profile in the magazine this year. Forbes. Since March, Shanahan says, the brand has also been distributed at Target stores.

So why go to the sharks?

“We’re two young startup founders who need their experience,” says Shanahan, who grew up in Pittsburgh, whom Kahan got to know through Shanahan’s men’s fashion and grooming YouTube channel, The Kavalier. “There were two sharks that we were really targeting, because we know that as we grow in retail and grow the business, there’s just a lot of knowledge that those sharks can bring, in addition the capital we need.”

Remarkably, some of the Sharks’ advice may relate to how the company can navigate its unlikely place in the culture wars. Really? “Oh, you’d be surprised,” Kahan said.

“We faced a death threat last year,” notes Shanahan, who with his wife Sofia has three young children. “There’s a lot of homophobia and stigma around these products. I take it joking – you can’t really insult me ​​personally. But there is a part of the population that will never touch these products because ‘they associate it with femininity and all the other negative elements they bring to the table. Luckily, as the company grows and builds a community, there are others who are going to step in and explain it and talk about how much we’ve really changed our lives.

“I don’t know if we’re really going to change those minds,” Kahan said of the horde of haters, “but I think the vast majority of this country is ready for these products.”

COSMAX set to release ‘wearable cosmetics’ with anti-aging ingredient Wed, 11 May 2022 00:57:00 +0000

The South Korean cosmetics company has partnered with Korea Institute of Dyeing and Finishing Technology (DYETEC) to develop this cosmetic textile.

According to the European Cosmetic Directive, cosmetotextiles are “any textile product containing a substance or a preparation which is released over time on different superficial parts of the human body, in particular on human skin, and containing specific functionalities such as cleaning, perfuming, changing appearance, protection, maintenance in good condition or correction of body odours”.

Talk to CosmeticDesign-Asia​, lead researcher Lee Juhyun explained that it has capsulated active ingredients that are “deliberately mixed”​ with the fibers before the manufacturing process.

This would allow users to “gand the desirable benefits of the skin not by applying the cosmetics… but by wearing the active ingredients [to let] the effective components to cross the skin – all day and all night.

Lead researcher Paik Chaeyoon pointed out that this technology has been around since the 2000s and has been explored mostly in Europe.

In the beginning, the capsule technology applied in the cosmetic textile product fell weakly and disappeared whenever the external force occurred. This is because the capsule was so fragile that most of the important components disappeared with just a little rubbing, like doing laundry.

However, recent technological developments have made the capsules more robust, and the capsules can now withstand even high temperatures between 250 and 270 degrees Celsius.