Casinos don’t need to cheat and live games are subject to fairness audits – Is online live dealer blackjack rigged?

Let’s face the facts. Blackjack is by far the most established table game in casino lobbies around the world. In most places, in terms of numbers, it even eclipses all the other table choices grouped together. The main reason for its popularity is that it has a super simple set of rules and almost 50/50 odds of winning when players use a strategy board that defines the move they should make in specific scenarios.

For over seven decades, the traditional form of twenty-one action games has captivated veteran gamblers, standing tall as their favorite casino option. Over the past couple of years it has made its way into the digital sphere, thriving in the live dealer format, providing authentic blackjack entertainment for everyone at all times. So, starting in 2003, sites featuring verified live dealers flourished. This has led many people unfamiliar with the interactive gaming sphere to question the credibility of live blackjack whether it is legitimate games of chance or games that online casino users should fear falling into. the scam. Thus, we attempt below to dispel any misconceptions on this subject.

Casinos don’t need to cheat

Despite what some people may think, the reality is that casinos don’t need to cheat. Every game they offer has a built-in advantage that favors them dubbed the house edge. Thus, in the long run, the trader never loses. Of course, in the short term, anything is possible, and a player could deal a fatal blow to a trader’s bottom line at any time. Still, if there is enough gaming activity on a land-based site or internet platform, things balance out in the long run and the operator will eventually make a profit.

As a result, gambling sites have no motivation to cheat, as they always have the upper hand over their pool of players. Additionally, if they get caught participating in nefarious activities, they can lose their gaming license and achieve an extremely unflattering reputation within this industry. It will probably, more or less, decimate their business. It’s just not worth the risk.

Common conceptions of how live blackjack is rigged

First of all, as everyone knows, the most well-known method of continuously winning at blackjack is card counting. It is a laborious process that involves keeping a mental tally of all the playing cards on the table in play. The live dealer gameplay is such as his penetration into the deck, the number of cut cards versus , makes this practice practically impossible. When game penetration approaches 50%, live casino dealers shuffle the game. This means that online casino users cannot use this famous 99% advantage game on gambling sites.

Now that we know players can’t cheat operators, it’s time to see how most players feel like they’re being played by their platforms of choice when they sit down to play live blackjack. . The most common conspiracy theory on this subject is that gaming platforms use bots to disrupt the flow of a table and try to tilt players, forcing them to make hasty decisions. The genesis of this hypothesis is that players with strange names appear in games seemingly out of nowhere and make irrational gameplay choices.

It is impossible for dealers to illegally tamper with the cards on the studio table, as they implement radio frequency identification and are scanned via an optical card reader. Thus, the transparency of live blackjack play is top-notch. Remember this.

Live games undergo fairness audits

Another common misconception in the interactive gaming sphere is that only games that use random number generation algorithms are subject to third-party independent fairness testing. This is not the case. For example, Gaming Laboratories International, also known as GLI, performs remote live game testing and on-site inspection of studios from which vendors such as Playtech, Evolution, and Visionary iGaming run their gaming choices in streaming. These assessments include technical equipment testing, personnel assessments, system functionality checks and potential synchronicity issues. Each test category is quite robust and these inspections are quite detailed.

The BetOnline Live Blackjack Scandal

In early 2017, a video surfaced online of a dealer employed by the now defunct Global Gaming Labs practicing a technique called second deal at a live blackjack table offered at popular American sports betting site BetOnline.

The second deal is a method in which the dealer manipulates the game by dealing from below rather than from above. After this allegation became public, the accused dealer was questioned and subsequently fired. BetOnline and GGL staff analyzed hours of his play footage, and no further violations were discovered under expert scrutiny. Most likely, the incident was a case of an accidental second trade from an undertrained dealer. Nonetheless, this led BetOnline to cut all ties with Global Gaming Labs and focus on fostering a deep relationship with Visionary iGaming, a live gaming provider from San Jose, Costa Rica.

This article was written in collaboration with legitimate online gambling experts.

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