Cambridge Feminist Bodega pop-up event highlights women-owned businesses


Behind every great woman is a great business idea.

Feminist Bodega, a Cambridge pop-up boutique, opened on August 21 and runs through August 29, featuring a range of local women-owned businesses offering a variety of products from skin care to food through clothing. Katie Diasti, 24, is the founder and CEO of Viv for Your V (known as Viv for short), a local women’s products company selling sustainable, toxin-free products using bamboo fiber and applicators at herbal for menstrual cups, tampons, and liners.

She created the event to showcase female-owned consumer brands that customers may never have heard of before in a tangible setting. Diasti felt that there was not enough support for female-led consumer brands in the Boston startup space and wanted to combat this notion by getting women-owned brands to rise up. each other.

“It’s a trendy – but high-rise convenience store,” Diasti said in a recent video interview.

Diasti came up with the idea for Feminist Bodega in early July while looking for a way to promote his own brand. At the same time, she had connected with several other women-owned businesses in the area and the Viv team approached them to be part of the event, with the brands in turn recommending others to contact. also. Together, the Viv team and the chosen bodega brands helped organize the products in the store to avoid product overlap between companies. .

A pop-up store featuring women-owned businesses and startups is open in East Cambridge for a limited time.Handout

Some of the bodega’s brands include Drink Simple, a Vermont-based company that sells maple sap, a beverage made from naturally nutrient-enriched maple sap, to Boston-based Faceted Beauty, a reusable press owned. to a homosexual and South Asian woman. on the nail company. Others are North End’s Uvida Shop, a zero-waste store that will sell plants and flowers at the pop-up, and Chinatown-based Flare, which sells safety bracelets to help users get out of awkward situations. The bodega includes 26 companies in total.

Diasti wanted to incorporate a range of brands and products that weren’t just aimed at women so that allies and supporters, who may not find use for some of the items, could find something that piques their interest. Plus, she wanted the pop-up to look like a modern day convenience store, but on a smaller scale.

Vanessa Bruce, co-founder and CEO of Dough, an online platform that showcases women-owned businesses, owns the space and has licensed Viv to use it for free, with the showcase being passed down from generation to generation. in generation. Although the pop-up store stocks items from different companies, Viv staff operate it. Feminist Bodega is also planning to run other educational activities and workshops for her clients throughout the week, working with Faceted Beauty and Kured, a Beacon Hill deli company.

The colorful place is about 250 square feet with shelves full of produce and plants. For perishables, a mini fridge is located in the shop. Masks and social distancing are mandatory.

As for future Feminist Bodega events, it all depends on the success of the former, Diasti said. Overall, she is grateful for the community she has entered and the support she has already received from other like-minded business owners.

“We’re not even worried about following too much sales during the bodega itself and all brands feel the same. Getting into the community and meeting clients is so important to us right now and hearing what interests them, ”said Diasti.

Feminist bodega presented by Viv for Your V. from noon to 6 p.m., until August 29. 550 Cambridge St., Cambridge.

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