Brooke Shields shares her ‘refreshed’ skincare routine

It’s no secret that Brooke Shields always looks amazing. So when we got the chance to chat with Shields, all we had to do was ask the supermodel to share her skincare routine with us!

It may come as a surprise, but Shields admits she hasn’t always been on top of her beauty regimen. “I used to rush into everything, because I didn’t really respect taking care of my skin. (As the largest organ in the body!) As I got older, I started to respect that more” , she says. Ooman day.

“I fell in love and learned even more about True Botanicals,” says Shields, who serves as an ambassador for the clean beauty brand. “Their Pure Radiance Oil and serums are so delicious and they last so long. Their Chebula Serum is really awesome. And I don’t find it difficult, there aren’t a million steps. I really use it and noticed my skin looked more refreshed.”

Other things that contribute to his overall well-being include using products from organic CBD company Prospect Farms, where Shields recently became brand manager. “Their CBD oils and tinctures help me sleep, which makes my face look better. My nighttime ritual is definitely longer than my daytime ritual, which is a bit truncated – but I still do the cleansing, toning and put Or, I’ll use any mask.”

When it comes to fitness, says Shields, “consistency is the hardest thing for me to achieve due to my travels and my work schedule.” But she started doing “these really short workouts” with her online community, Begin is Now, because “even the smallest amount is worth it”.

“I used to say, ‘Oh, well, if I can’t do an hour of class, I won’t do anything. “And you realize that even five minutes of something helps change your adrenaline, and your face looks fresher, and it brings blood to areas of your body. Even those little little things, I come back to that. I learned from them and was really encouraged.”

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