Brides are delighted to wear black wedding dresses

Among the wedding trends that are heating up, sellers have noted a renewed interest in black wedding dresses. According to Google Trends, searches for “black wedding dress” have kept pace with searches for “white wedding dress” over the past 12 months. In September and October 2021, “black wedding dress” was searched more than “white wedding dress” on Google.

“This is by far our favorite trend and we love it. Black dresses are chic and dramatic,” said Laura McKeever, senior director of public relations, philanthropy and brand communications at David’s Bridal, the one of the largest sellers of wedding dresses in the United States. .

The trend has grown so much since last year that David’s Bridal, which previously only offered black wedding dresses to order, will offer black versions of its most popular wedding dress styles for the first time this fall. in some stores. Customers can already purchase these black options on its website.

Why are brides so excited to ditch traditional white and travel to the dark side of edgy black?

“The concept of what is considered traditional has evolved,” McKeever said. The pandemic also influenced this shift, she said.

“We started seeing this in 2021 with couples wanting to throw traditional marriage rules out the window,” she said. “Brides who had to postpone their wedding because of the pandemic now want their special day to be unique. They want to wear what they want on the big day. They choose unique locations, they wear sneakers and have food trucks at their wedding.”

In other non-white selections, brides are also turning to blue, champagne, purple and red dress options, she said. Building on this trend, David’s Bridal has increased its selection of dresses in unconventional colors by 30% this year, up from 10% last year.

Although brides typically choose a black dress for fall and winter weddings, McKeever said a black wedding dress can be a timeless option year-round.

Azazie, a leading online seller of bridal and wedding dresses and accessories, said it had already doubled the number of black wedding dresses sold so far in 2022 compared to last year and that ‘about 8% to 10% of her wedding dress sales right now are black dresses.

“For some brides, white is dated, unoriginal or not the most flattering color. Black evokes old Hollywood red carpet glamor,” said Ranu Coleman, Azazie’s chief marketing officer. “They feel like it gives them extra attention and ticks all the boxes for them.”

Celebrities are partly fueling the trend, said Amber McCasland, vice president of global brand and communications with resale platform Poshmark.

“With celebrities wearing sultry black dresses at the 2022 Met Gala and Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn debuting a black wedding dress, brides are taking inspiration from their favorite celebrities to stand out on their big day,” said McCasland said.

“Sales growth and growth in search for black wedding dresses on Poshmark shows that brides are ready to make bigger and bolder statements at the altar, especially after facing wedding postponements” , she added.

Searches for black wedding dresses on Poshmark jumped 75% in April from a year earlier, and sales of black wedding dresses jumped 33% for the month from the same time last year last.

That’s not to say black is about to dethrone the white wedding dress anytime soon.

DTC wedding dress seller Azazie said it has already doubled the number of black wedding dresses sold so far in 2022 compared to last year.

Although white is still the most popular choice, some brides want to have both. “They will wear a white dress to the ceremony and an elegant black dress to the reception,” Coleman said.

New York-based Enaura Bridal, which creates custom hand-beaded wedding dresses in India, is busy meeting the demand for black wedding dresses.

Enaura founder Sohil Mistry said his clients weren’t asking for black dresses before the pandemic, although he noted that before Covid there was a move towards color with brides embracing blush cheeks and ivory with gold.

Customers are increasingly asking for black, black combined with gold and red dresses, he said. “Brides take bold risks with their dresses to make a statement and have fun. A black dress is classic and something you can wear again and again,” Mistry said.

Enaura Bridal founder Sohil Mistry expects the black wedding dress to stick around for a while.

Mistry is betting that the black wedding dress isn’t just a passing fad.

“The wedding industry moves quite slowly in terms of trends,” he said. “It’s only picking up now. Trends can stay for at least five to ten years.”

How should brides complement the black wedding dress?

Simple. Stick to the trusted tuxedo, according to men’s suit salesman Men’s Warehouse.

“A classic black tuxedo is always a safe bet to complement a black wedding dress. However, tuxedos are a great way to add some chic personality to your wedding look and will complement a black wedding dress due to their inherent elegance. Classic white and ivory tuxedos are very popular right now and will add a welcome contrast to a black wedding dress,” said a spokesperson for the retailer.

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