Best teen skincare product 2022: For oily, dry and combination skin

Shopping for skincare can seem complicated at any stage of life, with so many options on the market, including cult classics and TikTok buys, ranging from cleanser and moisturizer to serum and tools. for the face. While a multi-step routine was once considered best, minimalist skincare has also been embraced with open arms lately – which is frankly a relief to have saved us time and money.

Product preferences are determined by age and skin type, whether you focus on dryness, oily skin, or combination issues. And when it comes to honing an effective routine, today’s teens are undoubtedly leading the way.

Simplicity is key for teens, as complicated diets or rich formulas can be counterproductive when dealing with young, sensitive, and blemish-prone skin. Teenage skin needs effective, results-oriented products that offer a simplified approach that fits perfectly into the trending concept of “skinimalism” (or skincare minimalism).

Starting with a simple cleanser, ideally this will be followed by a light moisturizer and other additional skincare to soothe and eliminate blemishes. It’s important to incorporate a facial cleanser that won’t strip the skin or be harsh, while helping to balance out any redness or inflammation. Likewise, heavy moisturizers aren’t necessary for youthful skin, with a lightweight, breathable formula a much better bet. Finally, spot patches and targeted products are also a convenient purchase.

But with all that said, what are the best teen buys for reliable skincare solutions in a world full of social media hype? We turned to the next generation of IndyBest testers and discovered their favorite skincare finds for everyday use, spanning multi-buy sets, cleansers, toners and more.

How we tested

We brought together a group of teenage testers with different skin types to review a selection of treatments over several weeks. Our testers looked at ease of use, ingredient effectiveness, and packaging, across price points and skin concerns. Read on for our pick of the best teen skin products for every budget.

The best teen skincare products for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Glossier the 3-step skincare routine: oily skin: £42,
  • Best cleanser for blemish-prone skin – CeraVe Blemish Cleanser: £10,
  • Best soothing toner – Q+A Daily Green Tea Toner: £8,
  • Best lightweight moisturizer – Boots Glow Peach Jelly Moisturizer: £4.50,
  • Great for smoothing out hydration – It Cosmetics bye bye pore glycolic acid serum: £21,
  • Ideal for irritable skin – Oodee halo purifying foaming cleanser: £24,
  • Ideal for smart packaging – Hydro-stars Starface: £11.99,
  • Ideal for brightening – The Elements Skin Balancing Cream: £9,
  • Ideal for targeted relief – Zitsticka killa clarifying microdart patch kit: £27,
  • Best multi-tasking care – Bliss Clarifying Toner & Serum: £14.95,

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