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Starting your own business is a gamble, but more often than not it’s a challenge that translates into success. Along with having courage and confidence, you need to have the knowledge to grow a business and the money to get things done to become your own boss. Fortunately, with all the tools available online, Filipinos now have more options for exploring the possibilities of opening their small businesses, even with relatively little capital. Here are some business ideas that you can start with your hard-earned P5,000 as your seed money.

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The Philippines is among the countries with the largest number of cell phone users. With the evolution of everyday life that leads people to make more use of the digital space, the need to have access to the internet, whether through WiFi connection or mobile data, has become all the more essential. .

Although the income of cell phone charging companies is not that large, it is viable because charging credits are digital goods that most people need on a daily basis. You don’t need a lot of things to start this business – a cell phone and a SIM card would do. Another good thing about it is that you can win wherever you are, whether at home or in the office.

Home cooking

If cooking is your hobby and you make great food, why not take advantage of it for an additional source of income? Selling home cooked meals is a great start for newbies in business and it works because Filipinos are natural foodies.

Even if you don’t know how to cook and can’t join the trend of selling homemade cookies, cakes, sushi, and ube pandesal, there are still plenty of options to try. You can become Filipino by selling all-time favorite meats and meriendas, or you can sell other food specialties. The choices are endless. You just need to make sure that the food you bring to your customers’ tables is safely cooked and made with love to earn their loyalty to your store.

Creative commissions

Speaking of turning leisure into a way of life, a common path for it, especially among young professionals who have the skills and talent to create, is through the orders. While special equipment is needed for this, such as digital art displays for graphic designers and illustrators or art supplies for artisans, there are online stores that sell them at an affordable price.

One effective strategy for this is to start by setting up an online art page where customers can view your rates and sample works. This business can be time consuming, but it’s like hitting two birds in one rock – you can exercise your creativity and make a living from it.

Resale of beauty products

If you are looking to get into resale, partnering with a brand you can trust and know to deliver the quality customers deserve. For that, a name to remember is Ever Bilena Direct Sales (EBDS). With just a little capital, you can bring Ever Bilena’s beauty, cosmetics, home and skin care products closer to a larger number of Filipino households while competitively earning.

EBDS has over 800 centers in the Philippines where you can access their products and services. Walk-in requests are accepted at any of the mentioned EBDS business centers nationwide. Online registrations can be done through the official EBDS Facebook account.

For those applying, you will need to present proof of billing, valid government ID, at least a barangay establishment permit, and at least P5,000 capital.

There are many advantages to being an EBDS reseller. In addition to promoting self-esteem through Ever Bilena’s line of beauty products, you can also get exclusive perks such as access to product promotions and sales incentives, basic discounts. on regular articles and a lifetime subscription.

Some of the wide selection of products offered by EBDS include its line of cosmetics Ever Bilena, Careline, Blythe by Careline, and its personal care items under Blackwater, Blackwater Women, Ever Organics and Hello Glow.

You are one step away from making your own business a reality. Visit their official Facebook page and be part of Ever Bilena Direct Selling’s team of successful business men and women.




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