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If you are not up to date with the game changer in the industry, it is beauty pie, let us update you. The Beauty Shopper Club, designed by Marcia Kilgore, who also founded Soap & Glory and Bliss Spa, is built on the simple idea that luxury beauty products don’t have to cost a fortune. Most beauty brands mark up the prices of their products to cover the costs of advertising, marketing campaigns, and over-the-top packaging. Kilgore realized that by sourcing ingredients from the same labs as other luxury brands, getting rid of those unnecessary frills and cutting out the middleman, she could offer customers skin care, high quality makeup, hair care and more at a fraction of the cost. When you join the club, you select either an annual membership of $ 99 or you can opt for a monthly membership starting at $ 10. Once you’ve all signed up, you’ll have access to all member prices, which are much cheaper than the retail prices you’re used to seeing. With a Beauty Pie subscription, a Japanese facial cleanser that is typically priced at $ 35 is only $ 8, and a Swiss sleep oil that typically costs $ 85 can be yours for just $ 23.

High-end skin care often contains effective (and expensive) ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and ceramides, but by being a member of this buyer’s club, you will be able to get scientifically advanced products without going over your budget. budget. Read on for our editors’ picks on the best Beauty Pie skin care finds that will get the job done.

Jessica Teves, Content Manager

Super Retinol Ceramide-boost anti-aging face serum

I swear by retinol all year round, but it’s not always the best thing when summer arrives and I’m doing more activities outside in the scorching sun. That said, this ultra-gentle retinol serum is absolutely perfect for the warmer months when I need to re-energize and re-energize. I put it on at night before going to bed and I am confident that I wake up brighter and more hydrated.

beauty pie

Super retinol night moisturizer (+ vitamin C)

If there’s ever been one nighttime moisturizer to change my life, this might be it. Packed with all the anti-aging ingredients I could possibly need, this formula is a force for your skin, containing everything from retinol to shea butter to vitamins E + C. I understand why it’s constantly depleted!

beauty pie

Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is so delicate, so I turn to this creamy eye cream full of hyaluronic acid, slow release retinol microcapsules, and bioflavonoids to brighten and hydrate. I love that this cream has absolutely no scent so it doesn’t make my eyes cry, and it’s also light enough to wear during the day under makeup if you need that extra boost. protection and hydration.

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Halle Lagatta, creative producer

Superactive Capsules Essential Ceramides +

This summer, I’m focusing on my glow. (Interpret this as you wish. * Wink *) With this in mind, I take special care of my skin to ensure optimal hydration. These capsules are like a one stop shop for my glow needs – only one provides the essential ceramides concentrates that I desperately need to recover what I have lost with aging, pollution and sun exposure. Pro tip: Extend the glow by applying to your neck, cleavage and the backs of your hands.

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Dr Glycolic Soft Feet 7 Day Peeling Socks

Okay, I’m sure you saw some videos circulating on social media a few months ago showing people losing dead skin like reptiles after wearing peelable socks. These totally terrified me and really put me off trying them! But after spending my entire adult life battling unsightly calluses, I gave in. This Glycolic Soft Feet Peel Sock gently exfoliated my dead skin while revitalizing my feet. My skin did not come off all at once like a snake; instead, it slowly lost over time and was completely painless. It’s time to step out in those gorgeous vintage open-toed Manolos that I’ve been hiding.

beauty pie

Super Healthy Skin Luxury Moisturizing Body Cream

When it comes to my skin, the seasonal changes suck moisture out of it, leaving me feeling dry, like the dry Sahara Desert. Most moisturizers have short-term benefits, but this rich cream actually prevents the occasional peeling, itching, and cracking of the skin. Plus, the gorgeous scent of hibiscus alone is worth putting it all over my body!

beauty pie

Ama Kwarteng, beauty editor

Japanfusion Pure Transformer Cleanser

This cleanser is lightweight, but make no mistake: it works to gently remove oil, dirt, and makeup without drying out your skin. As you cleanse, this antioxidant-rich formula transforms from gel to oil to milk to emulsify and break down everything on your face (yes, even the water-repellent mascara), leaving your skin clean, glowing and hydrated.

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Super Drops Micropeeling Plantastic

This serum has been a boon for my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – I use it about once a week, and thanks to the combination of black willow bark extract, banana and mango acids, and stem cells of kiwi swirling into the formula, these drops help smooth my skin texture, narrow my pores and fade my dark spots.

beauty pie

Youth Super Eye Energy Peptide-Infusion Berry Cream

I’ll be honest, I thought there wasn’t an eye cream that could make me feel like I got eight hours of sleep, but this formula gives my under eye concealer a run for his money. The cream uses peptides, shea butter, and caffeine to fight wrinkles, target dry skin, and deflate puffiness. Expect brighter, firmer, and more hydrated eyes as soon as possible.

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