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… and these awesome new products are well worth your money, says my expert panel

One of the most interesting parts of my job is that I can see into the future. Not in a psychic way, you understand, but because I hear about new brands and launches long before their sales dates, I have time to try them out, as well as keep up with the trends shaping the fashion industry. beauty.

One of those launches that I would like to highlight is Cultivated biomecare, a brand new brand from Rob Calcraft who founded Ren. Now Rob has turned his attention to the skin microbiome – the bacteria that live on the surface and are considered a key part of healthy, glowing skin. In truth, this area is already receiving increasing attention in the beauty world, but Rob is so committed to it that he talks about ‘biome care’ as a category in its own right, not just a part. skin care.

Cultured Biomecare just launched with three products to cover the basics of a skincare routine: a serum, a mask, and – my favorite of the line – a great cleanser. The Biome One Cleansing Balm (£ 32, has a honey texture that turns into milk with water and leaves skin clean, while microbiome content rebalances, strengthens, and helps reduce sensitivity.

But in addition to my take on what’s new this week, I asked some of the biggest and most influential beauty buyers what they are most excited about among the myriad of new launches. Here’s what they said …



Margaret Mitchell, Head of Merchandising at Space NK

Home fragrances have grown in popularity over the past 18 months, with customers spending more time at home. A good room scent has the ability to transport or calm – and, of course, nothing beats candle light as the nights draw near. I predict that the Diptyque Grand Tour Collection will be a staple of the fall, especially the Parisian candle (£ 54, which has a woody scent reminiscent of new paper to evoke the feeling of a Parisian bookstore.


Sophie Blackledge, Senior Beauty Buyer at Flannels

As we bring the glamor back into our makeup regimes, Gucci Beauty is at the top of the list for me. The products are truly excellent, with beautiful packaging that really captures the essence of the brand. The Mascara L’Obscur (£ 30, has become an instant hero product and a staple in every beauty aficionado’s makeup bag. It’s an intense black mascara with a formula that separates and lengthens lashes – perfect for a minimal look or built for maximum profit.


Hazel Ayers, Director of Purchasing and Merchandising, Home and Beauty at Fenwick

We’re excited to see brands investing in sustainability in the beauty industry. One of these products is the Hourglass Curator Refillable Eyeshadow Palette (from £ 38, launched last month. It’s customizable, vegan, and there are 40 shades to choose from. Not only is this a beautiful, high-quality product, the palette is refillable (from £ 28), reusable, and made from tin and recycled plastic.


Stacia Prince, Director of International Purchasing at Cult Beauty

“Milleopause” comes as older millennials reach their 40s – but new menopause and perimenopause products are reframing the dialogue around this key time. A recent launch that I absolutely love is innovation PolarSeal Gemm (£ 229, It’s a small, portable device that you place on the back of your neck to keep you warm or cool. It’s amazing for a sore neck, and amazing for people with hot flashes.


Newby Hands, Beauty Director at Net-a-Porter

At Net-a-Porter, Tools & Devices is one of our most popular beauty categories. We started to see a huge increase in demand for these products last year when the shows closed. Many devices are great for replicating the most popular in-clinic treatments at home – you can buy tools that do everything from radio frequency to stimulate collagen and dermaplaning to remove dead skin cells to LED light therapy to face, hair and body.

It is a high priority for us to continue to bring the latest technology to our beauty obsessed customers. We recently launched FaceGym products, including exclusivity Electric muscle stimulation mask (£ 415,, which uses the same technology as clinical treatments such as EMsculpt to help lift and firm the face.

I am also excited about the body versions of the very popular LED facial devices, including the Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite BodyWare Pro (above, £ 430,, which you can wrap around any part of the body to stimulate collagen, minimize inflammation, and treat rashes.


Katrina Fulluck, Senior Beauty Buyer at Asos

Many new home cryotherapy products are emerging. The benefits include deflation of the skin, improved circulation, and lymphatic drainage. Following the commercial success of products such as StylPro x Asos beauty fridge (£ 49.99) and Skin Proud Frozen Over Moisturizing Ice Gel (£ 16.95), we just exclusively launched the StylPro Ice Globes (£ 35, all Store them in the freezer and gently roll over your skin to massage into the face for a brighter, more glowing complexion.


Amelia Kendrick, Beauty Purchasing Manager at Harvey Nichols

Since the lockdown restrictions were relaxed, we’ve seen a resurgence in sales of high-end fragrances, as customers want to invest in a new scent to socialize. I am very happy to launch the La Perla Haute Parfumerie Collection exclusively in October, especially since it is a lasting luxury. Refillable bottles are made from recycled glass and packaged in responsibly harvested FSC paper boxes. My favorite is Sorrento Villa (from £ 88, It’s full of lemon and orange blossom which dries to a warm amber note and makes me feel like I’m on vacation on the Italian coast.


Hannah Mason, Senior Purchasing Manager at Boots

The quest for a good night’s sleep is always at the top of the wellness priority list. I have seen searches for pillow sprays on increase by a third since the start of the pandemic. In addition to better restful sleep, customers are looking for products that speed up the process of skin regeneration at night. Because we lost easy access to skin care professionals during the lockdown, people quickly learned to be their own experts and therefore spent more time researching skin care ingredients. It is a trend that we do not plan to go away. Multi-fueled products that help boost the healing process overnight should be big news.

After the success of last year Advanced Retinol Complex 1.5% No7 Night concentrate (£ 34.95), the brand is expanding its nighttime retinol collection. The Pure Retinol Night Cream No7 (£ 24.95) will launch this Wednesday (August 25), alongside the Pure Retinol Hand Cream No7 (£ 14.95) and No7 Pure Retinol Eye Night Cream (£ 34.95, all

Additional Reports: Alice Robertson


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