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Morgan A. Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Advisor

Ready to get vaccinated! I’ve been traveling a lot lately for work, but it’s still safe and still hidden! However, recent travel is sailing the journey and bringing in some beauty / lifestyle essentials that help keep skin and life routines healthy and happy.

Safe travel!

skin care

Remember to take care of your skin when wearing a mask, especially before and after the flight. Here are some travel skin care products that I always carry and why:

• Makeup Wipe – This is a quick and easy way to remove makeup after a long day, or a way to refresh your face after a flight. Recycling the air and wearing a mask can cause oil and dirt on your skin.

• Toner, Brightener, Moisturizer Set – Such a small skin care set is a lifesaver, compact enough to hold a travel bag and TSA approved.

• Evian Water Mist – I like to use it as a post-flight refreshment. Combine this with a makeup wipe to cleanse your skin.

It is important to keep your skin cool.


• Mini Brush Set – No need to use bigger and more expensive brushes when traveling. These Sephora mini brush sets fit perfectly.

• Beauty Blender Vest, Scrub Mats, Cleansers, Beauty Blenders Sets – Need all beauty applications in a small pouch! This kit comes with a beauty blender and cleanser.

Cosmetology essentials include a mini cosmetic brush and blender.


• Hand sanitizer – This should be a staple in travel kits. I love Dove Hand Sanitizer because it nourishes the skin so much. Hand sanitizers can dry these hands out, but this is one of my favorite hand sanitizers for keeping my hands soft.

• Disinfectant Spray – This little game-changing lysole spray, small enough to board a plane – sprays the seat and tray down – many airlines reopen as usual So please carry on to stay protected.

• Travel Wipe – These mini pouches are the perfect option for your travel trip, and you can easily wipe down whatever you need.

Don’t forget your safety essentials because COVID is always in the air.

Way of life

• Travel scent – Don’t forget to pack your favorite scent in the perfect travel size

• Body Oil – This is the perfect luxury mini treat – perfect for taking you to warm areas to give you a fresh, healthy glow

• Satin Hair Ties – These satin hair ties are great for traveling and are good for your hair so you don’t get cut on the go.

• Vitamins – Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day – There are many travel-sized vitamins. I love Bloat be Gone. Because I don’t want to be spoiled a bit while traveling and have bowel problems.

Don’t forget your favorite vitamins and fragrance fractions.

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