Ayond Rock Rose serum will leave your skin soft like a petal

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By now, you probably know that the natural world is full of herbal remedies. Herbs have been used holistically for a long time, doing wonders on our body from the inside out and from the outside in. From sea minerals to garden flowers, flowers and plants are a staple in the beauty world for very good reason.

One of the most impressive herbs to add to your skin care regimen comes from the desert. And no, before jumping to conclusions, it’s not the aloe or the cactus flower. It is cistus, a wild plant so resistant that it is one of the first to reappear after a forest fire. And now you can harness its resilience and healing powers as well.


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From the skin care brand Ayond, meet the Rose Cistus Serum ($ 120), a nourishing oil formulated to support the skin’s natural life cycle. Why the cistus? The plant is the definition of hardy. Ayond co-founder Porter Yates explains that the desert shrub is so hardy that it is one of the first to regrow after a forest fire, attracting pollinators and restoring biodiversity to the environment. This durability works wonders for our skin.

“This plant is called a ‘fire follower,’ which means it needs fire to open its seeds and germinate, which renews the landscape,” says Yates. “Due to the harsh environment, cistus leaves have some of the highest levels of polyphenols of any plant – three times the amount of antioxidants in green tea … these molecules are powerful antioxidants that help protect cells against free radicals and oxidative stress. “

The plant is also rich in other natural skin supports, such as bioflavonoids, which nourish and heal skin cells, and gallic acid, a tannin that can firm and firm the skin.

“We use as many parts of this plant as possible in our skin care and we value its properties to support our well-being,” says Ayond co-founder Shani Van Breukelen. Cistus resin is particularly important, as it is an ingredient that has been used for centuries in the desert due to its therapeutic qualities. “With this holistic approach to meeting our need to reduce stress on the environment and our body, cistus is very effective and forms the basis of our entire skincare philosophy.”

As for the other desert plants in the formulation: there is a full garden. The most notable ingredients include aloe leaf juice (for added antioxidants), California poppy extract (which is rich in minerals that relax and invigorate your skin), and indigo extract (which helps reduce redness and inflammation.) It’s basically as desert-like in a bottle as you can get.

And use it is impressive. It comes packaged in a luxurious black bottle that doubles as my bathroom countertop art. As for the serum itself, it’s light and bouncy. One of the first things I noticed was how clean it was on my fingers, free from any oils or sticky, sticky residue that other skin care products leave behind. The smell is also really dreamy. I’ve never been a fan of anything rose scented or floral, but it’s not something like that. Instead, the serum smells a bit earthy, a bit grassy, ​​similar to the greenery of a plant on the buds of a flower.

Once on your skin, you feel like nothing is there. I put mine on after my morning wash, letting it dry before applying my daily face cream, which never feels heavy or weighed down. Yates and Van Breukelen recommend applying twice a day, letting it soak into your skin before layering it with another product.

“This is the first product that we put in our routine, it is light and oil free, so it penetrates effortlessly into the skin”, explains Van Breukelen. “Getting the nutrients and protective elements into your skin is essential, and then you can apply moisturizer followed by oil to seal everything in.”

Do you want to have resistant skin? Use a serum from a resistant plant. “The desert extracts we use in our products are selected for their strength and ability to help your skin develop regardless of the environment, ”says Yates. Buy Ayond Rock Rose Serum now for flower based skin care.

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