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In a year where every penny counts, we’ve scoured the country for gifts under $50 that have great value. Below are Christmas gifts that alone surprise and delight. But they also have heart, whether they come from a local manufacturer or a socially responsible company. These are gifts that are good to give, and even better to receive.

Plus, we’ve brought in the experts for your toughest “what to buy” questions. Buy for children? Shannon Wong Nizic is an elementary school teacher and the mastermind behind the blog Oh Creative Day, where she combines her love of literacy and creative projects for children. She has carefully selected her favorite gift ideas for babies and toddlers through to teenagers. Buying for someone who is intimidating and picky? Rhys Ripper, creative director, stylist and mentor at Mob in Fashion, shared beauty, style and home product picks to please even the most fashionable.

Much like an Advent calendar, we’ll be updating the gift guide throughout the holiday season, so check back for more great items and last-minute options throughout December.

How to use the gift guide

What is your budget ? You can filter products by price. Use the slider to set your budget before browsing.

What do you want? You can search by gift category: collectibles for objects to have and to hold; Activities for books, crafts and projects to occupy hands and minds; edible for snacks and sips; portable for beauty, style and fashion products; and essential for everyday objects (with a little something extra).

Who is it for? Whether your recipient is a secret Santa you barely know or your impossible-to-buy dad, you can sort by the five Christmas personality types: someone funsomebody refinedsomebody grumpysomebody curious and someone adventurous. For kidsyou can sort by age and development: a baby (0-1 years), a tiny (2-3 years), a preschooler (4-5 years), a child (6-7 years old), a interpolation (8-11 years), and a teenager (12-17 years old).

When you spot something you like tap the plus icon for full details, then tap “buy online” to be redirected to the product website.

Our gift guide is selected by the Guardian Australia lifestyle team, based on extensive product research (we sifted through a lot of trash to find the treasure), our best judgment and what brings us joy. A place in the gift guide cannot be purchased. We may earn money through affiliate links from certain items featured in the guide, but we do not prioritize retailers that have affiliate partnerships (or even know which ones do).). Since many of the gifts shown are from small businesses, some products may be sold out. If you see something you want that isn’t immediately available, it’s worth contacting the seller to place an order or find out when it’s back in stock.

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