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From left to right: Michael Agmata, Angeline Quinto and Armie Agmata

Every word in Angeline Quinto’s song “Patuloy ng Pangarap” served as motivation and inspiration for Armie Rosale Agmata, CEO of Ayesha’s Beauty Products (ABP), as she created her own beauty line with nothing out of it. other than a small capital and a big dream.

In just four years, her beauty products are now available nationwide and Angeline, who was only a source of inspiration, is now her most recent endorser.

“Like Angeline, I had humble beginnings in life and I never gave up on my dream despite the negative reviews that have been addressed to me. Her song really inspired me so much, that’s why I’m so happy that we made her our very first celebrity because her story pretty much reflects the journey I took to create Ayesha, ”said Armie.

Angeline, meanwhile, felt overwhelmed to have been chosen by ABP Corp to be their new face. But more than the new sponsorship deal, the singer-actress expressed how emotional she was when she found out how much her song had touched Armie’s life.

“It’s very gratifying to know that your song has made an impact on someone’s life. As a singer, that’s what we want: that our songs touch the hearts of our listeners. What Ms. Armie went through is more than that because the song motivated her to improve her life, work hard in her business, and help other people change their lives too, ”shared Angeline.

Before today becoming the queen of Teleserye theme songs, Angeline was an aspiring singer who actively participated in various barangay singing competitions. She even participated in TV talent searches, but never won first place. Until 2011, she was named the first major winner of “Star Power: Sharon’s Search for the Next Female Pop Superstar”.

“I can understand Ms. Armie’s story very well, which is why I am so happy to be part of the Ayesha family. They’ve worked really hard to get to where they are now. Apart

producing effective products, I love that they take service to heart, and they are really passionate about beautifying and improving the skin of many Filipinos and even men too, ”added Angeline.

Ayesha’s flagship product is her Rejuvenation Kit which can only be used for P250. The kit contains Kojic soap, rejuvenating cream and toner, collagen with elastin cream and sunscreen gel.

“Before, it was just a dream for me to have a whiter complexion or skin. So when I discovered the rejuvenating kit, I told myself that I wanted others to enjoy its benefits too. When I finally found a supplier I worked twice as hard to reach my goals. Now I have my own factory and we have even added new products like lotions, creams, toner and many more. others, ”Armie said.

Armie was also beaming with pride when she spoke about their reseller program where they offer cash incentives, gadgets, and travel incentives. For more information, visit Ayesha’s official Facebook page at or follow @abpcorpph on Instagram.




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