Albéa re-engages in the North American beauty market


Albéa is a packaging manufacturer. The company specializes in tubes, which represent 50% of the company’s sales. In 2020, the company’s overall revenue was $ 1.1 billion. Albéa also manufactures cosmetic and perfume packaging, which represents around 40% of the business. And the remaining 10% is primarily for the development, manufacturing and filling of private label products for the mass market, managed by Orchard Custom Beauty, the turnkey division of the company.

The company is global but has a notable presence in North America with Orchard Custom Beauty located in Toronto, Ontario; manufacturing in Reynosa, Queretaro and Matamoros, Mexico, as well as Washington, New Jersey and Shelbyville, Tennessee; and there are also Albéa offices here in New York. (Matamoros is immediately across the US-Mexico border from Brownsville, TX.)

Invest and tailor operations for the North American beauty and personal care market

Albéa is intentionally developing and adapting its business in this region and, according to data shared during the recent press presentation, has invested some $ 40 million in its US facilities since early 2020.

In Matamoros, where mascara is made and packaged, the company has invested in improved metallization technologies. And, explains Carlos Rubio, general manager of this factory, the team there is “Extend our reach to serve emerging and independent brands. They require a very different manufacturing model than what we have in the factory. So one of the things we do is modify our models to fit that market. “

Market trends guide innovation at Albéa

In 2020, Albéa has pivoted to keep its facilities open, its employees safe, and to meet the emerging needs of personal care consumers across the Americas region. The company produced some 1.7 billion tubes last year, many of which were designed to package gel hand sanitizer products.

Environmental sustainability

And like all manufacturers and suppliers of beauty products today, Albéa strives to meet the expectations of customers and end consumers for environmental sustainability. For this, 85% of the Albéa manufacturing equipment used to produce extruded tubes is capable of doing so with up to 40% PCR plastics. And, 100% of the systems in place for the production of laminate tubes operate with the company’s patented Greenleaf technology, a laminate material certified by the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR).

Intimate well-being

The company has been growing in the beauty and intimate wellness arena since it made a concerted effort to showcase products in this emerging category at last year’s Makeup In LA event.

Local supply and production

Cécile Tuil, vice president of communications at Albéa, says local sourcing and sourcing has taken on new importance in the post-pandemic beauty economy.

“We believe,”She says “That local sourcing will be seen as delivering real value and purpose and that will be the new standard… This includes local sourcing, manufacturing, filling and selling.”

“It means enabling circularity through local systems of reuse and recycling. This means carbon neutral plants. This means digital connections with nearby customer factories. And above all,”Said Tuil, “It means local jobs, solidarity and vibrant communities.”


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