AIMIL Pharma launches an Ayurveda-based beauty product


Kannauj Fragrance and Flavor Development Center has been developing beauty products in association with Delhi-based AIMIL Pharma in accordance with pressure from the Union government for the application of Ayurveda in products. food and beauty.

The product – Ayouthveda – has been prepared by adding proven herbs which are also used in medicines.

This has two advantages. On the one hand, these products improve beauty without compromising health and on the other hand, the well-being of consumers is ensured by acting as natural supplements and by slowing down the progression of the infection, if necessary ”, a said Dr Sanchit Sharma, Executive Director of AIMIL Pharma.

He was addressing an event here to launch the product line on Friday.

Sharma said Ayouthveda products were developed after intense research. “Researchers have conducted extensive studies as a result of which these products have a unique integration of herbs and beauty ingredients,” he said.

The products in the Ayouthveda cosmetics line include an anti-acne facial cleansing gel that comes from an exotic garcinia fruit to treat pimples useful for oily and dry skin, and an anti-hair loss tonic in which 42 kinds of herbs and eight kinds of essential oils were used.

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