After a year of staring at our own faces on video calls, beauty standards are changing.

NEW YORK, June 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Science-Driven Skin Care Brand StriVectin commissioned new research to explore changing beauty perceptions and habits after a year of unprecedented disruption. The survey of 2,000 American adults explored the impact of living in a largely virtual world on how we perceive ourselves and how we might expect these changes to affect our daily lives when exiting lockdown. .

Video calling has become the new normal since public health precautions have necessitated time away from family, friends and co-workers. And with 90% expect to continue video calls even after the crisis is over, we are probably more considering a change than a trend.

Alison yeh, Marketing Director at StriVectin says: “As a brand whose scientific research is at the heart of our beliefs, it was important for us to better understand the changing perceptions and priorities of consumers. The results of this survey shed light on the impact of virtual life on our appearance. ourselves on many levels, a trend we plan to continue as working from home and video calling are likely to remain entrenched in our daily lives for months to come. ”


  • 63% admit to having spent at least half their time on video calls looking at their own faces.
  • 44% researched how to look better on video calls.
  • 33% were frustrated to the point of considering cosmetic procedures – for 35-44 year olds, that number jumps to 50%.
  • 81% believe that their skin condition has deteriorated during the pandemic.


69% say that the things that bother them during video calls are NOT the things that bother them when they look at themselves in the mirror. It’s not in their imagination. Experts say our phone and computer video cameras can intensify the shadows around the eyes and nose, highlight blemishes and wrinkles, and even make the face look fuller.

Watching this new live video of yourself, as opposed to a mirror or a photograph, can be a somewhat unsettling experience. Unsurprisingly, 58% of all respondents admit that they be distracted by their own appearance on video calls, do not listen sometimes.


Eye problems are one of the most common ‘video face’ complaints, with 1 in 4 reporting notice under dark circles more on video calls.

30% say they have turned off their camera during a video call because their eyes looked tired on the screen.

71% say they are make an effort to positively accentuate the eye area, mainly by beautify the skin. 37% stepped up their efforts with serums, eye creams and devices, while 34% added products to hide or reduce dark circles. 31% rely on extra definition with color cosmetics.

44% have researched how to look better in video calls specifically, while 33% even cosmetic procedures considered after constantly seeing each other on video calls.

51% say their monthly skin care / grooming / personal care expenses increased since the start of the pandemic. And 52%, more than half, say the increase in spending is due to greater concern about their appearance due to frequent video calls.

The revelation comes as no total surprise to StriVectin’s R&D and marketing teams. The brand has seen a double-digit increase in sales of its eye care products over the past year, including its newly relaunched number one eye cream., Intensive Wrinkle Eye Contour Concentrate MORE, which targets several eye contour problems, including crow’s feet, “eleven” (vertical frown lines between the eyebrows), puffiness and loss of light.

“With the eyes the main element of our appearance visible to the outside world over the past year, it is only natural that they have become our focal facial feature,” Yeh said. “And, after the stress of the past year that caused many sleepless nights, it also makes sense that dark circles are such an important consideration for so many people.”


67% say that after a year of virtual meetings, they have finally figured out how to make sure they look better on video calls.

The number one last-minute beauty touch-up before Zoom? Almost half (46%) say it is … to brush hair. About a quarter (23%) say mascara is their pre-Zoom beauty savior (choice number two).

When asked what they added to their beauty routine, respondents the number one answer was to increase their skin care regimen with more emphasis on areas of concern.

56% say that after one year of videoconferencing, they are now more comfortable seeing each other in front of the camera.

Maybe that’s why more people say that even after the pandemic they would prefer a virtual call to an in-person meeting (47% to 44%).


Finally, the statistic you didn’t know you needed to know: People prefer their appearance on video calls to selfies. Among those who have a preference between the two, 57% say they prefer their appearance in video.

2000 American adults 25 years and over were interviewed by 4Media on behalf of StriVectin in April 2021.

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** Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / US Prestige Beauty Department / Total Specialty, Dollar Sales of Skin Care Products, Exclusive Neck / Decollete Cream. Excludes face / neck hybrid products. January 2017 – Sept 2020 Combined

SOURCE StriVectin

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