Aesthetic doctor Ahnsup Kim’s ‘massive fall from grace’

A Sydney-based cosmetic doctor has been found guilty of raping a hostess at a club during a trip to Melbourne in September 2017.

Connecting via video link from jail, Ahnsup Kim, 52, appeared in Victoria County Court on Wednesday.

The court heard he went to dinner with another doctor before going to a club.

It was there that he raped a hostess in a private room, according to court documents.

He was found guilty at trial of six counts of sexual assault and rape, related to the digital penetration of the victim, who was then intoxicated.

According to court documents, Kim touched the woman’s breasts over her clothes after dragging her onto a couch, kissing her and digitally penetrating her vagina without her consent.

A victim impact statement for the woman was read in court in which she described feeling “uncomfortable and embarrassed” after having to attend a trial where details of the rape were read to a jury.

“Everything looks dirty and filthy,” she said.

Camera iconAhnsup Kim, 52, appeared in Victoria County Court on Wednesday after being found guilty of multiple offenses at trial. Provided Credit: Provided

“I feel pain at night and can’t get away from my thoughts. I am no longer the same person I was before this happened to me.

Kim’s attorney, Dr. Gideon Boas, argued that the digital rape was momentary and the offense was low-end, but Judge Tinney rejected those arguments.

“The woman was in a very vulnerable state during her (Kim’s) offense and he was aware of it,” Judge Tinney said.

“It’s far from the bottom of the range.”

Crown Attorney Matt Fisher agreed that the offense was not low on the scale given the circumstances surrounding the complainant’s condition.

Judge Tinney also said Kim showed no remorse.

He denied assaulting the women in a police interview and claimed the acts were consensual, but the offense was captured on security footage.

The defense also argued that Kim, once a well-known cosmetic doctor, had lost his ability to earn money and support his family.

“He had a huge fall from grace,” Judge Tinney said.

Kim will be sentenced on Friday.

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