A bookstore associates its online sales with charitable donations

Online book retailer Booksio has just launched and has pledged 10% of every sale of books, audiobooks and magazines to charities selected by customers.

FRESNO, Calif., September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Make the world a better place with Booksio, a new online book retailer launching this month.

Booksio (part of 360 Media Direct) will soon be the name on the lips of every fan of print, digital and audio books. This woman-owned online retailer offers over 15 million book and magazine titles, placing them securely among the top ten book retailers in United States. But what sets them apart is their philanthropic approach to business. While other businesses may wonder WHAT they can earn, Booksio is more concerned with who they can help.

Every month, Booksio highlights one or two organizations as featured charities. Chosen charities are promoted to the Booksio audience and receive 10% of all purchases for the duration of the month. Customers can also CHOOSE which charity benefits from their donation, allowing them to connect directly with the charity that resonates best with them. Customers will find the Register process to be user-friendly.

According to the director and co-founder Kelly Vucovich“We wanted our values ​​to guide Booksio’s charitable giving. The list of charities we have brought together is passionate about both their work and the impact they leave on the world. They made a huge effort to make a difference, whether it was providing a hot meal or working to overcome systemic inequalities.”

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“We’re thrilled to share Booksio’s mission,” says Vucovich, “By tying this to the purchase of books and magazines, we’re giving consumers a chance to give back and share the joys, challenges, and knowledge of creators.” from around the world.. And when these stories are told, the impact on our communities is far greater than just financial support.

History of Booksio

Booksio is part of the 360 ​​Media Direct family of services, created through the acquisition of Hummingbird Digital Media in May 2020. Both organizations have a long history with the publishing industry, serving as digital fulfillment platforms for major and independent publishers and organizations.

Booksio will provide digital books in EPUB or PDF formats and can be read using a web browser or the Booksio app, currently available for Apple and Android devices. Non-charitable organizations can partner with Booksio through brand showcases and employee or customer benefits. More information can be found at www.booksio.com.

About 360 Media Direct: 360 Media Direct is a robust digital marketplace for data-driven customer acquisition and marketing execution. We help businesses grow and connect with new and existing customers to ensure long-term brand engagement, loyalty and equity.

SOURCE Booksio; 360 direct media

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