6 things Korean women know about anti-aging skincare that we don’t know

The best anti-aging routine in your 50s is proper skin care in your 20s, as the saying goes. It’s a truth Korean women have learned in front of the world, choosing to take a preventative approach from the age of six months. The payoff comes in the form of that ageless skin texture in their later years that the rest of the world has been trying to decipher ever since. However, the merit does not rest on the shoulders of a single miracle ingredient – Koreans, and not just women, instead use a holistic approach to their skin care that includes consistent routines, proactive vigilance, and habits of skin care. healthy skin care from an early age. In search of answers, we found our way to Charlotte Cho, who holds credit for Soko Glam’s masterful curation as well as her own skincare line, Then I Met You. Coming up, she shares the anti-aging skincare secrets Korean women grew up with. To take notes.

Skin first, makeup later

Growing up in California, Cho regrets that she didn’t follow a dedicated teen skin care routine. “At the time, I was very influenced by the Western mentality of focusing on makeup rather than skin care. This meant that I often wore makeup in bed, didn’t wash my face thoroughly, and didn’t know anything about exfoliation, ”she recalls. However, she found her state of mind to change once she moved to Korea. “I understood the science behind the double cleanse and saw immediate results, I incorporated a moisturizing toner, essence and light moisturizer into my routine followed by sunscreen. I started using a pimple patch on breakouts instead of attacking the skin with harsh ingredients. This was the start of my journey that completely changed my perspective on skin care that I still carry with me today through curation from Soko Glam and my own skincare line, ”she adds.

Prevention is better than cure

K-beauty is based on a philosophy focused on the skin, she believes. “This approach focuses on treating skin problems at the root of the cause, rather than just the symptoms. The preventative philosophy comes into play in anti-aging skin care, and a precautionary approach is practiced with calming and nourishing ingredients, like mugwort and ginseng, which are used in skin care routines at all levels, ”she says.

Skin education starts early

Koreans are incredibly savvy about their skin from a young age, she argues. “They are taught the importance of sunscreen beyond just applying an SPF to include staying out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, if possible. They visit a dermatologist not to find solutions, but also to check the health of the skin. Finally, and it goes without saying, they take the time to indulge in a multi-step skin care routine, which they consider a delight and part of their wellness routine, not a chore, ”discloses she does.

Age is not a bar for skin care

According to Cho, preventive skin care in Korea begins when you start applying sunscreen or wearing hats and clothes that protect you from sun exposure at six months of age. “Not only does it prevent sunburn, it also prevents sun damage that can contribute to aging later in life. This approach promotes a long-term youthful appearance with less fine lines and pigmentation, while helping to protect the skin and reduce daily oxidative damage from pollution and the sun, ”she explains.

Humidifiers are for everyone

If, like the rest of the world, you’ve been riding the Hallyu wave and watching frenzied K-dramas, you’ll know that it’s not uncommon to see a humidifier blowing happily across every desk. This stems from the belief that humidity and humidity in the air have a direct impact on the health of the skin. “When the humidity level is higher in the air around us, there is little evaporation of moisture from the skin to the environment,” says the New York-based skin care specialist. , and adds, “However, when the air is dry, such as when staying for extended periods in an air-conditioned room, water easily evaporates from the epidermis. This can lead to dry, cracked and dehydrated skin all over you. leaving more sensitive to rashes, fine lines and wrinkles Humidifiers can increase the humidity of the air in your indoor environment and can help the skin to retain moisture in its barrier.

Nature vs feed

… and in the battle between the two, Cho thinks you won’t want to ignore the latter. “70% of your skin is dictated by your genetics, but 30% of your skin can be shaped by your lifestyle and your commitment to taking care of your skin. Skincare is largely about prevention, which means investing the time and space to take care of your skin now will ensure smoother, clearer, and more bouncy skin in the future. . So take advantage and make skin care part of your wellness routine, ”she concludes.

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