6 makeup products that come with benefits for the skin


Here are six makeup products that go beyond beauty and provide benefits for the skin.

Carefully examine what exactly goes into our skin care products avoiding bad feedback is a practice that many follow, but agree that we are also quick to buy a foundation Where corrector without reading the list of ingredients. This is mainly because we don’t expect our makeup products to provide any skin care benefits. But what if they did? Today, makeup products are shifting from formulas rich in thick pigments to ones with ingredients that are good for the skin. While these Ingredients won’t count as skin care on their own, they will definitely provide an extra boost in nutrition.

Six Makeup Products That Come With Skin Benefits

You know a makeup product is a real deal when formulated with the expertise of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. This best-selling Full Coverage CC Cream from It Cosmetics features the benefits of a primer, anti-aging serum, moisturizer and color corrector, all in one makeup routine. one-step base. Collagen, peptides, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and other antioxidants and vitamins give it its skin loving properties.

Your under-eye concealer should definitely have some beneficial effects on the skin: the skin around your eyes is the most delicate area of ​​your face. In addition to masking dark circles, redness and discoloration around the eyes, this concealer is also infused with green tea and rose extract to soothe, protect and calm the skin. Plus, the metal applicator tip helps fight bags under the eyes.

This gel-based balm works for your lips and cheeks, providing them with a healthy colored glow, without the stickiness of a gloss. It’s infused with moisturizing vegetable oils derived from rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed and soybeans, as well as antioxidant vitamin E which provides additional skin care. Plus, each balm comes with its own chic matte black pewter case and pencil sharpener. It is ideal for acne-prone skin as well as for sensitive skin.

A radiant foundation by nature, this super hydrating balm contains lychee extract and light-reflecting pearls that give skin the radiant hydration it needs. Use it under makeup for an uneven skin tone or just apply it and follow up with a concealer on days when you don’t feel like applying too much to your skin.

This sunscreen base is probably one of the best on the market today. It unifies the texture of your skin for a velvety finish with silicones and soy protein, and contains minerals for a beautiful glow. Peptides and the white tea it contains firm the skin and prevent collagen damage, perfect for mature skin.

This revitalizing oil-free foundation from Benefit Cosmetics is known for its pore-minimizing power. If you’re worried about your wrinkled skin, it’s time to take a cooling pill! Blend this primer onto your features and watch your fine lines disappear. Don’t believe us? Well, why not give it a try once?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between skin care and makeup?

Makeup is a temporary cover for your skin imperfections or just a choice to look good. But skin care is essential for the overall health of your skin. A healthy morning skin care routine with moisturizing ingredients helps resolve and control your skin problems.

What are the benefits of skin care products?

There are many benefits to skin care products, depending on your skin concerns. Whether it’s refining your skin texture or removing dark spots, a quality skin care routine and products have a lot to offer. It’s not enough to cleanse and hydrate your skin. It also requires additional treatment for the various concerns of your skin in order to experience skin care benefits such as anti aging benefits.

Why is skin care important for makeup?

To achieve long-lasting makeup coverage, your skin needs to be adequately hydrated. There is no doubt that makeup can hide our imperfections and enhance features. But, with proper skin care, the quality of your skin is improved, which helps your makeup blend easily and bring out your natural glow.

What are the disadvantages of cosmetics?

The chemicals in skin care products can have negative effects on your skin. Certain cosmetic products can cause reactions on sensitive skin and activate allergens causing discomfort. Long-term use of these products can be extremely harmful to your health, leading to cancer or life-threatening illnesses.

Is it bad to wear makeup every day?

Applying makeup every day is not a problem if you wipe it off before going to bed. Cleansing and hydration are essential after removing make-up. On the other hand, leaving makeup on for long hours can cause harmful reactions to your skin and make it look dull. Excessive use of makeup can clog your pores, making your skin prone to acne, blackheads, pimples, crow’s feet, and other skin issues.


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