11 best Latinx beauty brands in makeup, skin care and hair

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This is Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15), and although the term “Hispanic” is widely seen as a problematic way of bringing tens of millions of people together under one label, this month, at at the very least, provides an opportunity to draw attention to community members. With that warning out of the way, it’s time to celebrate the Latinx / Hispanic individuals making waves (sometimes, literally) in the beauty industry via a roundup of the best Latinx beauty brands.

There is a lot of, numerous Beauty brands created by Latinx people from countries all over the world, so narrowing it down to a few is a difficult task, and this list is by no means a complete accounting of all of them. Nonetheless, this includes brands that have hooked us to their products, charmed us with their branding and goals, and / or have done all of the above.

Below, find 11 products from some of Latinx’s top beauty brands, plus a little peek at the faces behind the dressing table, so to speak.

11 products from top Latinx beauty brands including makeup, skin care and hair care companies we’ll buy forever


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Joanna Vargas Forever Glow Anti-Aging Facial Mask – $ 75.00

Mexican-American beautician Joanna Vargas is the go-to girl for many glowing celebrities. She’s known for fusing technology and skin care products into treatments that deliver legitimate results and yet her ready-to-use products manage to pack that magic in person for those who can’t make it to New York. York or Los Angeles. spas. She used herbal ingredients long before it was the trend too. These masks in the line are a personal favorite – they are incredible moisturizers filled with antioxidants to soothe and nourish the skin.

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cold room

Chillhouse Chill Tips Reusable Press Nails in Editor-In-Chill – $ 16.00

Chillhouse founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton launched her flagship spa in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood after realizing the existing spa options didn’t really speak to her and others in her population; it was difficult to find quality services in a fancy environment without an unbearable price. She has since caused a stir with a product line most famous for her clutch-in-a-pandemic press-nails embossed with cool, millennial designs. The brand also makes all-natural face and body oils that aim to simplify your beauty regimen and uplift your mood with carefully crafted fragrances.

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Aunt harper

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask – $ 65.00

Originally from Colombia, Tata Harper is a green beauty pioneer who was inspired to launch clean skin care after learning about the potential harms of synthetic chemicals during a family member’s battle with cancer. But she didn’t take the easy way out by creating simple oils made from one or two ingredients. Instead, Tata Harper’s products are complex, innovative, luxurious, and most importantly, effective. Everything is made from farm to bottle on the Vermont farm where Harper also lives. This dermatologist approved mask is a hero of the line that relies on pomegranate enzymes to hydrate skin and white willow bark to decrease both wrinkles and pores.

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beauty blender

Original Makeup Sponge Applicator – $ 20.00

BeautyBlender founder Rea Ann Silva was one of the first makeup artists to work on a high definition TV show (you know, the ones that make everyone look * too real *), and that’s as well as his bespoke and now famous sponge was born. of the challenge of trying to make the skin of the actors perfect in these too revealing conditions. When her sponges started to disappear from the shelf, she realized she was on to something and set to work to launch them commercially. They’re ubiquitous now, and Silva has since launched a foundation in 40 shades so modern women of color don’t have to. most to smuggled hues that match their skin tone, as she has done for years to serve her non-white customers. The BeautyBlender range now also offers primers, highlighters and more.

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rare beauty liner

Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Pencil – $ 19.00

The founder of this company probably doesn’t need to be introduced, unless you’ve been living under a rock for 15 years, IDK. Rare Beauty is Selena Gomez’s trademark, and like Rihanna’s Fenty, it’s not just a celebrity vanity project; in fact, his products are actually… great. The line consists of a light serum foundation that comes in 48 shades, a fan favorite cream blush that melts into the skin, a liquid eyeliner that I personally swear by, and well Moreover. The company also offers mental health resources on its website and donates a percentage of its revenue to efforts to increase access to mental health services.

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signage brush set

Sigma Essential Trio Brush Set – $ 29.00

Sigma Beauty was founded by Brazilian natives Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho, and launched with a single makeup brush in 2009. This product quickly became a staple, and the line has since expanded to include additional brushes as well. than a full makeup offer. . Today, the company holds more than 60 patents on its products, which testifies to the innovative character of its creations. Believe me, there is almost no reason to use any brush other than Sigma’s.

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artist sewing

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powde – $ 27.00

Artist Couture is the creation of beauty influencer and professional makeup artist Angel Merino, or Mac Daddyy, as he’s known online. Merino isn’t exactly famous for its understated aesthetic, but its products are also suitable for those who want to look Natural as they do for those who live to stand out in a crowd. The range is extensive, but its flagship product is Diamond Glow Powder, a loose powder highlighter that adds an otherworldly glow anywhere (eg, cheeks, eyes) you want to glow.

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heavenly storm palette

Dominique Cosmetics Heavenly Storm Palette – $ 22.00

Dominique Cosmetics is another line created by a beauty influencer, in this case the unquestionably beautiful Christen Dominique. She started makeup when she was 14, when she discovered that concealer could help erase dark circles that were her biggest source of discomfort. After a long journey through the vlogosphere, she decided to launch her own line of multitasking products that deliver luxury results without an out of reach price tag. Her pigmented eyeshadows and matte lipsticks are fan favorites, although you really can’t go wrong with one of the many offerings in the line.

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Amor Eterno Melt Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick – $ 25.00

Melt Cosmetics started in 2012 with the simple realization that it was difficult to find matte lipsticks in bold, even “crazy” colors (think bright pinks, purples, etc.). Founders Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar set out to fill that void quickly afterwards, and they did – without a doubt, they started the bold lip trend that is still popular (despite the masking!) To this day. After experiencing phenomenal success with their first lip products, the two makeup experts have since expanded into a more complete line of cosmetic products, including blushes, highlighters, eye pencils, and more.

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love shocks

Shocks of Love Loving Care Vitality Perfume Ritual – $ 65.00

Shocks of Love, created by self-taught aromatherapist and perfumer Juan Felipe Rendon, exists at the intersection of beauty and wellness. Its “olfactory rituals” (read: aromatherapy products) are handcrafted, from responsible sources and certified organic. Next, the company plans to launch perfumes designed in collaboration with various artists. And if you like a brand with a little heart behind it, know that Rendon donates five percent of the profits to an organization called Activation Residency, which is a black-run artist residency designed for black, brown, brown people. aboriginal, trans and queer. .

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bomba curls

Bomba Curls Dominican Forbidden Hair Mask – $ 28.00

The Afro-Dominican founder of the Bomba Curls hair care brand, Lulu Cordero, created the brand to celebrate curls and share the beauty secrets that Dominicans have long used to maintain shiny locks. At the time, she was suffering from alopecia and found herself turning to these cultural hair care practices to help regrow her hair. Eventually, she started blending her own formulas, which she then bottled to sell to the world. The resulting herbal hair oil and mask have since become holy grail products for those seeking healthy nourished curls.

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