11 Beauty Products Crown Affair Founder Dianne Cohen Swears By

welcome to i swear by it, a series of interviews where we chat with our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use to the last drop. This week we asked Diane Cohenfounder and CEO of haircare brand Crown Affair, to share the beauty products, rituals and experts she’s loving right now.

Dianna Cohen has always loved taking care of herself. Even in college, people commented on her multi-step morning routine of meditation, stretching and, of course, brushing her hair. It seems only natural that she would continue to build a brand that’s all about feeling better. “Crown Affair’s mission is to create products and tools that empower people to transform not just the health of their hair, but their relationship with it,” she explains.

Cohen holds all of her launches to high standards for innovation and effectiveness: two characteristics that apply equally to all of her routine formulas. “My whole philosophy of beauty is to use fewer but higher quality products,” says Cohen. “Consistency is everything. It’s about showing up and not expecting miracles overnight.

Below, Cohen shares the top products she’s been using for years and the experts she relies on to help her feel her best.

Hydrating facial cleanser

“I have very sensitive skin, so when I try cleansers that strip [the skin] I end up overproducing oil. So for me, this formula is my holy grail. It was honestly the inspiration behind our shampoo. I use it several times a day and have bottles of all sizes.

Cera Ve

The Dry Shampoo

“This is the Crown Affair product I really can’t live without. I’ll never use a dry shampoo spray again. This formula uses ground Japanese persimmon powder, it really allows you to extend your wash days and add volume and body to your hair. This is a product I’m super proud of.

Crown Affair

Eyebrow Sculpting Gel

“Make Beauty eyebrow products are amazing. I will come in and brush [my brow hairs with a] tint first, then I’ll use the clear gel on top. Even my mother-in-law said my eyebrows were beautiful.

make beauty

Physiotherapist and co-founder of Chainwork

“Taking care of your body is essential. I’ve been doing acupuncture since I was in high school, but only regularly for five years. I now have a physical therapist, Marv, who does dry needling. So, instead of meridian points, it addresses specific pain points. For example, we’re going to focus on my lower back.

Dr. Marvin Ray Sublett

The leave-in conditioner

“This product has totally changed the thickness and texture of my hair. I’ve been using hair oil for decades, but I’m actually new to leave-in conditioners. I’ve tested over 50 and I learned a lot about what different types of oils do [to your hair]. It made me fall even more in love with tsubaki seed oil, the star ingredient. Its molecular structure is really light but super moisturizing.

The Crown Affair

Fluid Milk-Cream

“I love this body cream. Every time I get out of the shower, I cut my body and lotion up each limb. Then I’ll grab the De La Heart Lymphatic Drainage Palette and do 10 strokes on each leg , both arms, then close to my heart and stomach.The whole process takes about four minutes.


Fascia stimulation tool

“I was recently gifted this tool and I’m obsessed with it. There is something different about the weight of this one that works wonders. I usually use a gua sha when I’m in the mood or need some self-care, but this tool has inspired me to be more consistent [with my routine]. I just told my husband that I will be using it for 60 days straight. I can’t wait to see the results.

Well-Aging Break

Massage Therapist at Faena Tierra Santa Healing House

“My masseur Shane is amazing. He comes to my house and we do a two and a half hour full deep tissue fascia massage. Building a relationship is everything, whether it’s with your hairdresser or your facialist. You are on this journey together. With Shane, it’s been this evolution of really understanding the body. I see him at least twice a month.

Shane Madeleine

Hydrobeam Brightening + Hydrating Under Eye Concealer

“I wasn’t much of a concealer girl until I tried this formula. I actually did an Instagram live with Laney [Crowell, the founder of Saie] when this was launched and while i was on camera with her i could see a difference in her skin. I just use a small amount and it makes me look shiny.


Eau de Parfum Gypsy Water

“I’ve been wearing this perfume since before it was [available] in the States. I remember I bought it at Le Bon Marché when I was studying abroad, and it was a big deal. I definitely lean towards masculine scents with a fresh twist, and it layers really well with Crown Affair’s signature scent.


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