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[CC] Christ Our Healer (English Closed Captions)

Alliance family members, each on their own healing journey, share their most cherished healing stories from Scripture. You’ll read more about their specific journeys in the January/February 2024 issue of Alliance Life magazine.

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[CC] Choosing to Stay (English Closed Captions)

After her son-in-law’s tragic death, Mrs. Jaan chose to stay in her small town to support her grandchildren and serve God. And in the rural communities around her that lack gospel witness, she is a light for Christ.

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[CC] Commission – Junior and Senior Saints: Council 2023 (English Captions)

Junior and senior saints from the Alliance family share their thoughts on mission and heaven.

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[CC] God the Holy Spirit – Junior and Senior Saints: Council 2023 (English Captions)

Junior and senior saints from the Alliance family share who they know the Holy Spirit to be.

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[CC] God the Son – Junior and Senior Saints: Council 2023 (English Captions)

Junior and senior saints from the Alliance family discuss who they know Jesus to be.

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[CC] God the Father – Junior and Senior Saints: Council 2023 (English Captions)

Junior and senior saints from the Alliance family talk about who they know the Father to be.

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[CC] An Expectant Prayer: Council 2023 (English Captions)

As we enter a week together as the Alliance family, we pray expectantly and eagerly for God to move.

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[CC] Great Commission Day 2023: Launch Presence (English Captions)

This Great Commission Day, we are launching presence among the least-reached. Give to send and sustain your Alliance workers as they launch gospel presence in some of the world’s remaining hard places.

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[CC] Spiritual Daughters (English Captions)

A training center in West Africa is giving young women practical skills that will help them be self-sufficient—such as cooking and tailoring—while also showing them they are loved by God.

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[CC] Thank You for Giving in 2022: Update from the Yangs (English Captions)

Because of the workers you generously send and support, like the Yangs, those in the hardest-to-reach places have an opportunity to receive the good news of Jesus. Your financial giving to what God is doing through The Alliance also enables breakthroughs like those mentioned in the 2022 Impact Report. Together we are making an eternal…

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[CC] Return to Our People (English Captions)

Fernando was the first follower of Jesus among his community—an unreached people who follow an oppressive ancient religion. He was persecuted, exiled from his village because of his faith, and ostracized by his people. Now, with the help of Alliance workers, Huichol believers like Fernando and Luis are seeking to return to their people to…

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[CC] Our Presence (English Captions)

For Alliance international workers, being present is their strategy. There are still billions of people who lack a gospel witness and presence in their lives, who have never heard what Jesus has done for them. How will they know if nobody goes?

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[CC] The 2022 Alliance Christmas Offering (English Captions)

During the Advent season, we celebrate the arrival of Emmanuel, our God who chose to be with us as the ultimate expression of His uncontainable love. This Christmas, the Alliance family will come together to extend Christ’s loving presence among the world’s overlooked, oppressed, and displaced.

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[CC] Redeemed to Hope (English Captions)

A fatal mistake at 18 landed Dheng in prison with no hope of ever living a redeemed, fruitful life—that is, until she met Alliance workers who offered her the opportunity to lead other inmates and their families to freedom in Christ.

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[CC] You for Your Generosity (English Captions)

Watch Alliance international workers express their heartfelt gratitude for the prayers and financial support that enable them to remain present among the world’s under-reached and overlooked in challenging times and places.

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[CC] Holistic Healthcare in West Africa (English Captions)

In a clinic in West Africa, an Alliance medical team works to bring the Kingdom through holistic healthcare that is accessible to the urban poor.

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[CC] Great Commission Day 2022: Be Present (English Captions)

This Great Commission Day, the theme is Be Present. Our Alliance workers serve as real gospel presences throughout the world, bringing Jesus to the lost, suffering, and overlooked. As a family, we have the opportunity to be present through giving and prayer—so that together we can send new workers and sustain a meaningful, impactful presence…

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[CC] Great Commission Day 2022: Jesus Among Africa’s Urban Poor (English Captions)

Africa has the fastest rate of urbanization in the world, and this rapid population increase in cities has only intensified poverty for the urban poor. In a city in West Africa, God led these international workers to an informal settlement—an entire community of people living in shanties and scrap-made structures. Ministry here isn’t just about…

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[CC] Greenhouse of Peace (English Captions)

Brandon and Bethany Nutter are developing the next generation of missional leaders in the Dominican Republic. As they were looking for a space to use for ministry, God led the Nutters to a building in Santo Domingo—a space that was previously a brothel. Now, the Greenhouse student center serves as an environment where God is…

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[CC] Where Will All of This Lead? (English Captions)

When C&MA founder, A.B. Simpson, told his wife, Maggie, that he was leaving his secure pastorate to start something new, she asked, “Where will all of this lead?” Over 140 years later, Simpson’s decision has led to global, exponential growth for the Kingdom.

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[CC] Year-End Offering 2020 (English)

Alliance family, the mission of the Church is still unfinished. Your generosity and giving to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) ensure that everyone has an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ!

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[CC] What Caring Can Do (English Captions)

U.S. C&MA President John Stumbo shares what your giving has already accomplished through the global pandemic.

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[CC] Because You Gave (English Captions)

Because you gave, hundreds of Alliance workers were able to remain present on their fields, Caring in Chaos. Here are your stories.

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[CC] Caring in West Africa: Street Children (English Captions)

An Alliance team and its church partner provide meals four times a week to 100 street boys, who have gone hungry due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

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[CC] Caring in Mexico (English Captions)

Because of the U.S. Alliance family's generosity, hundreds of small-business owners hard hit by closures are experiencing Jesus' compassion through gifts of food and supplies.

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[CC] Because You Give (English Captions)

We know that Great Commission Day is just beginning, but you have already come through with bold generosity! Some friends of yours would like to say thank you.

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[CC] Caring in the Balkans (English Captions)

A newly formed Alliance team partnered with civic leaders, distributing food to 330 families in need.

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[CC] Caring in the North and Central Asia Region (English Captions)

An Alliance team distributed a one-month’s supply of food and soap to 100 families in their network who have been hit hard by their country’s closed borders.

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[CC] Caring in Indonesia (English Captions)

Across this island nation, Alliance teams are distributing hundreds of bars of soap and cloth masks while taking the lead in educating about the value of handwashing and social distancing.

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[CC] Caring in Cambodia (English Captions)

An Alliance worker in Cambodia shares how God prepared her team months ago for what is unfolding today.

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[CC] Caring in the Philippines (English Captions)

An Envision team partners with the C&MA in Manila to provide rice and meat to 2,000 urban poor.

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[CC] Caring in West Africa (English Captions)

An Alliance team distributed face masks, food, and soap to the most destitute.

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[CC] Great Commission Day 2020: Caring in Chaos (English Captions)

During the disruption and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s remember that God is still moving mightily. This Great Commission Day, will you join the Alliance family in ensuring that the gospel continues to advance? Together we can care in the middle of chaos.

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[CC] Awaken to Kingdom Reality—Theme Message (English Captions)

Full missions message unpacking this year’s theme provided by Tim Crouch, U.S. VP for International Ministries. Tip: This full message was designed to help educate your church’s missions committee, provide thematic content for your missions speaker, or show to your congregation. It can also be used if no international worker is available to speak in…

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[CC] Awaken to Kingdom Reality—Biblical Teaching (English Captions)

Biblical teaching and context for this year’s theme provided by Tim Crouch, U.S. VP for International Ministries. Tip: This short message was designed to provide a biblical context for the theme to help educate your church’s missions committee, thematic content for your missions speaker, or show to your congregation.

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[CC] Awaken to Kingdom Reality—Theme Overview (English Captions)

It’s time to Wake Up and participate in the kingdom NOW so that it will come in fullness when Jesus returns.

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[CC] Awakened to God’s Purpose—Part 2: Carlos (English Captions)

Two men discover God’s unique plan for them in His Kingdom.

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[CC] Awakened to God’s Purpose—Part 1: José (English Captions)

Two men discover God’s unique plan for them in His Kingdom.

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